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>I am glad to hear that, Astartes. However in this battle even your superhuman origin will not shield you from danger. I will have your back, but be ready to make sacrifices. Now regarding my plan... I can get access to Nobis prison facility as an Inquisitor. I can also bring you in frozen in stasis as prisoners. Once we are inside the facility we will create a distraction by releasing you and possibly some real prisoners as well. Then we will free Deiron and leave the base. You will walk across airless surface towards your extraction point 200km away and then I will pick you up once I will be scanned and allowed to leave the prison. However as this would be a complete undercover mission, I would have to maintain plausible deniability. If any of your brothers will get caught, dead or alive, one DNA check will point fingers towards your Chapter. That's why I would like to suggest you use non-Ghost marines if you have any attached to your Chapter. If not - we will have to be VERY careful about not leaving any evidence. I would be able to bring in 12 marines. Small Chaos warband we managed to subdue. More would raise an alarm. I could smuggle in weapons and some armour as well in form of evidence, but there is a chance that you could lose it. I assume you have questions, please ask away.

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Please roll d100 as your public speaking skill. If you roll below Persuasion +10, you can choose any outcome you want:
>Benevolent: people will hear your words as merciful and your reputation as kind & honourable warriors will improve
>Dark: people will take your words as a warning against any other attempts to raise a voice against Astartes

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Nah, they just aren't as impressive as some of the older helmets were.

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good thing you were in /tg/ instead of another board

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Nigh invulnerability to bullets and/or extremely high speed movement combined with powerful close combat weapons whose technology is impractical to turn into a ranged weapon (mostly what comes to mind is short ranged energy projectors).
Obvious example of all three is a Assault Marine armed with a power sword.

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Heres the situation.

I am to hold a deathwatch session with a new group of people who don't know much about the 40k world except what a Space Marine is.

I struggle with writing a good introduction to the setting of Deathwatch, what the jericho reach is, the different warfronts, the crusade, the omega vault, the major watchfortress and on and on. I don't want to sound like some kind of nagging teacher and give them friggin homework on the setting, that will just drive them away.

I am in a bind here. I want them to enjoy it.

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Imagine being an Inquisitor or Rogue Trader and just calling down Assault Marines to stomp the enemy down while you gun down the Xenos encroaching your position with a bolt pistol.

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Indeed, espically with all the dicks.

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Would you kindly give your opinion on what its name should be.

We have some suggestions here and I'm all for Soldiers of Faith.


But thats far from decisive.

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>your char vs a flintlock
Last character: Battle Brother Korbin of the raven Guard. I think I'm good.

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>Pretty sure the Codex states along the lines that Draigo is amazing because he's the only one to have done this and remained fine.
You'll notice that the knight at the center of this debate doesn't "remain fine".
>This is a pretty major event to be made some unnamed character.
It's also only a major event for the people that know the details. Which seems to consist of Slaanesh and some of its daemons.
You know, I like the Doom Eagles. I can dig that.

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Bolt pistols are more compact, making them better for close quarters and confined spaces. They're also there as an "Oh shit" sidearm in case the marine runs out of ammo or loses his bolter. Imperial officers and the like can use bolt pistols without breaking their arm.

Etc, etc...

Though there are apparently different kinds of bolters for Imperial Guard/Navy use and Space Marine use, which I guess means the marines use much bigger and meaner ones than everyone else, and those are the rare ones. Don't quote me on that though. I know fuckall about the lore regarding equipment specifics.

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Dumping until I get some responses.

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There's City Guardsman Quest and there was an Imperial Guard quest that died after like two threads.

Been a while since we've had a decent 40K-themed quest.

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Take to the skies!

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40K General with no Marines....

Thank the Emperor I saved this thread from being totally worthless.

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So the practice of criminal recruitment is not a problem?


Do you think they should be more assault based (RIP AND TEAR THE OATHBREAKERS!) or more stalker scout based?

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Really? But, are black templars all that playable at the moment? I've heard their codex is ridiculously outdated...

Hm, well, aren't Nids one of the weaker armies currently? I'm not one of those people who ONLY builds tournament builds (In fact, most people would look at my guard list and puke because it isn't all meltas and chimeras) but I would like my army to be good...

I'm really open to suggestions, though, nothing is set in stone... What are the pros and cons of each...?
In return, I shall supply 40k art.

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The Omega Man - Iron Savior

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