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There’s a lively debate in the main room as everyone packs up. The group is trying to decide the best course of action. There’s apparently a pharmacy a day’s walk away that might have that drug that blocks psychics. There’s also a small power station in the opposite direction that might have some of that metal that blocks it too. Others are saying that both are too far. Someone else says the group should split up taking the truck and fast Pokemon, and meet up with both after.

Eventually, Sid drags you into it. “What do you think?”

>The pharmacy, drugs for all, but you’d need to time it for when you’re expecting trouble
>The power station. Enough metal for a few helmets, but not enough for everyone
>Both. We should be prepared
>Neither, every wasted hour could be disaster

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“No questions,” you tell Alex. “I’m just excited to get started.”

Alex squints at you for a second. “Wait. Wait wait wait. I recognize you! You’re that trainer that’s on TV! Oh, you’re good. I won’t be going easy on you.”

You reach down to your belt. Alex does the same. You both understand you’ll be throwing at the same time.

You throw out your first Pokemon.

>Meloetta (No current nickname)
>Nibbles (Tyrantrum)
>Raistlin (Alakazam)
>Vlad (Crobat)
>Leviathan (Gyarados)
>Zappy Dan (Magnezone)

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