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You know what? I just might zip up my 40k characters (which include NSFW pics, group pics, dubs, trips and quad copys of the same pic,landscape pics and all maner of shit I can't be arsed to sort because fuck you, it's my folder) folder and link it here instead. Some 400-500 pics in that.

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flappers ? that's the sororita like hair dress ?
For the macaroni, well, I knew them under the name of "petit-maƮtres" or "Incroyables", with the women version "Merveilleuses".

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the first signature picture is better. Anyway, drawfag here. Is something RT-related, dear scanon, that may please your fancy ?

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>>Dem Stats
WS d12
BS d10
S d10
T d10
Ag d11
Int d12
Per d10
WP d10
Fel d12

In your inventory, you have:

Power Sword
>>A gift from your grandfather. It's sharp, and well-balanced
Bolt Pistol (+1 Extra Mag)
>>Found in a hidden compartment in your room. It never hurts to be prepared.
A Beautiful Bicorn
>>Another gift, a massive hat with all the trimmings and a feather. You feel distinctly Rogue Trader-y in it.
One re-roll per session (Fel rolls only)
>>Only when wearing the Beautiful Bicorn
Two re-rolls (Any roll that Lonallyn makes, one use each)
>>Due to drawfagging

>>Thy Crew
Lucan - Seneschal
Freya Ninakova - Void Mistress
Wilhelm von Markus - Arch-Militant, Old Friend
Cassya Ninakova - Astropath
Joson von Liebowitz - Navigator
Frater Baldwin Abelard - Missionary

>>Topics of Interest
Info: Lord General Marcus Constantine, 47 Pry
Info: Fist of Hale


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>>As per the fact that a few people are still interested, here we go!
>>Previous Parts:

You are Lonallyn Victrix IV Von Juggdrall, newly-Christened Rogue Trader and owner of the bounciest bed in the sector. Your ship, the Tempus Fugit, stands ready - a light cruiser with an Imperial Navy service record and an archaeotech plasma drive that no one seems to understand quite perfectly. Having just finished a "brief" tour of the ship, the only thing remaining on your agenda for the evening is to have dinner with and old friend, Maj. Wilhelm von Markov - an excitable, if talented soldier just back from the campaigns. You go way back together, to the days of playing pranks on the servants and pilfering your estate's pantry, but Wilhelm left that behind ten years ago to follow in the family footsteps, taking a commission in the Guard. Aside from dinner with Wilhelm, whose rather numerous messages relaying his excitement at your prospects betray him to be ever the same, what you do with your night is up to you. The crew stands ready to depart tomorrow, as per your request.

>>Crew/Inventory Forthcoming
>>Vat Do?
>>As a note, I'm just a BIT under the weather tonight, so this may be shorter than usual. We'll see!

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hello back there Dorn. I did some drawfaggotry yesterday concerning Lonallyn. I hope it pleases everyone.

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