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Back then this here was posted all the time

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With a grin, you invite Captain Morix to join you in visiting the station of Steward's Gate. "I'm more than fine staying off the Navy's station, Captain Aurex."

Boarding one of your aquila landers, you enjoy a pleasant chat with Morix where she proceeds to call you a variety of things that quite frankly sum up to "You're an insane man". You doubt you can blame her, especially with her decided lack of social manners. "Anything you want me to look into for you while I'm looking over their captured goods?"

"I'm in need of any kind of sealed armor you can find. My first mission didn't go too well, and I need to replace losses."

"I'm hoping they have melta guns, myself."

Morix looks at you for a moment, her arms crossing her chest as she laughs. "Oh, you're... something else, Aurex. Thinking the Navy will sell off melta weapons instead of hoarding them?"

"I'll get them eventually."

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oh man, i had one where Necrons were first hitting the market
and cost 100 points each to field. Sorry man, All i though
to copy was the how-to's, not the banner men or tactic guides.

Thank you so much for this though. It helps me a great deal.

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kids these days just aren't getting dismembered and raped enough, not like back in the 1700s...

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This is how I Adepta Sororita.

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rolled 98 = 98

>mfw this thread

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We are one /tg/.

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>And yes, I am the person doing the tameshi giri in the picture.

If you are serious about this, I jelly. I fucking jelly, bro. Always wanted to give tameshi-giri a try.

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I want HATE poster like that too!

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Well, let's see.

Old sisters massed 5 bitch squads in rhinos/immolators, with as many meltaguns as possible, and juuuuuuust enough faith to get that critical turn 3 rape rolling. That was it.

Sometimes, you found crazy people who ran a bunch of seraphim with faith pinata nuns attached for the funny. This, if played right, allowed you to commence rape in turn 2 - sometimes.

Both relied on exorcists as their heavy, or separate immolators.

Now you get Celestine, because she's a 115 point flying dark eldar archon, somehow outfitted with an iron halo and artificer armor, and blessed with grey knight Jesus' ability to never die permanently.
You want as many 5 bitch units as you can take, but rhinos are typicall preferable now (firepoints). Instead of 3 exorcs, many will run just one, and 2x5 heavy bolter retributorsand extra immos, because cheapness and reliability. Second HQ is always Uriah and his spandex ninjas.

You really can't stray too far, but seraphim are useful for real now, so kinda an alternative to scouting dominions. Okay, not really.

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Muh nigga.

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I kinda like it when you guys bring Warhammer stuff to /a/, it makes interesting crossover material.

Pic related

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