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Hell, even though the Chaos gods are supposed to be reflections of the Materium as constructs of concepts of life, the Horus Heresy and the birth of Slaanesh have set them into over-the top overdrive, Khorne's other aspects of Honour and such are almost non-existant now, probably due to the influence of the World bearer's and those who followed their actions in suit.

What a Devilish little bugger Tzeentch is, lying to Magnus about the Emperor making a chaos god of disbelief, when it already existed, to further subvert it's own ambition, fucking it's rivals over through their influential followers and setting itself up for a higher state of existence at the same time whilst ensuring nothing could possibly link anyone to such a goal through the destruction of human civilization at the behedst of the age of Strife to prevent any reference to the higher set of concepts only the like of lovecraftian fiction could offer.

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Is that canon?
I know Tzeentch kind of looked like that in the old books.

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I'm personally more fan of Nurgle, but gotta give it to the Changer of Ways, he has almost two times destroyed the Empire almost by himself (in "The Enemy Within" and "Warhammer Online").

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He does, but this is his favored one.

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Yep, but only older art.

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>It has to be small mundane objects, so while you COULD alter individual minis, YOu could not alter an entire PC ( or likely even parts of it) and not a rulebook either

Actually with the rulebooks being available in e-book format thorugh black libarary you could easly convert a dvd to have it on there.

hence you would never need to buy the books again

on another note.. why did we never get a greater deamon of tznench looking similar to this?

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This is what Tzeentch looks like

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Good work, Daemon.

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Nope they're just Champions.

This is what Tzeentch looks like

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>Giant mutant monkey

He does look cool this way.

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>Is called the raven god

>bird themes everywhere

>bird's eyes, feathers and peaks on everything.

>Avian greater daemons

> expect him to look bird-like

>This is what he actually what he looks like

What the hell?

sometimes i don't understand the logic behind chaos.

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Why don't the Chaos Gods do anything directly? Nurgle makes plagues, so that's okay, but for an organisation that seeks to gain supreme power over the Materium they have their minions do a shitton of their work. At least I could imagine Khorne wandering around and destroying any ships in the warp he could find if their Gellar Field was down for a fraction of a nanosecond.

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A more detailed image

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