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Captcha ate my image.

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Saw it on one thread and I needed to fucking save it. Maybe I saved it ... JUST FOR YOU

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You decide she's not likely to open up to someone like you, especially in a position where she feels vulnerable. Instead of pressing the issue, you simply nod. "Alright," you say, and head to leave the cargo hold. As you step through the hatch, you turn back. Ito has her head in her hands again. You leave.

The rest of your stay on the Yukikaze is uneventful. Lt. Cmdr. Ito avoids you, and you never catch more than a glimpse of her during the trip. When you do see her, though, you notice that she's begun wearing a pair of pants. You can't help but smirk.

As the flotilla approaches the area above the Harbinger, the Yukikaze trails behind, ready to launch you into the deep. You begin to talk with Socks, amazed at the distance you can keep the link open.

[So, how close are we?] you ask.

[The main flotilla should be within...20 miles of the Harbinger, if their reports are right. I do not know why they did not take a beacon like you did, it is much more difficult to track things when I cannot locate them.]

[The beacon's a big risk. If they spotted it, they might wonder why a Human flotilla is carrying one. Who knows how they'd react?]

[I still believe they should have taken one.]

[So, are the telebots taking the bait?]

[They are concentrating their attention on the flotilla, yes. It appears your other forces have yet to be spotted as well. I would recommend launching now, before they grow bored.]

[ ] You're ready.
[ ] You still have business on the Yukikaze.
[ ] Other.

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You too? My heilo got shot down a few miles back.

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The last picture taken of Sgt Martal before his death during the failed assault on the Lepir hiveworld, Later became the face of the armies recruitment campaign.

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If Rook is behind this I will shit myself.

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Not 40k, but it was too good to not post.

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For an upcoming dh gamE (the mission AfteR the one my players are on now) I plant to run it in a hive city, which i know can be one helluva undertaking to fleSh ouT, wHat im looking for is a map of a hivE city weather it be froM a dh book or just off the INtertubes, i can reuse it without worries since my players are fairly new to rpgs and Dh. (nearly gotten KILLEd twice already fRom thinking that its like mass effect / halo)

Also any tips for running a campaign in a hive city? how to handle the population and interactions without seaming to railroad too much? but without granting too much freedom that they get lost. the idea of the campaign is to chase down a company which is in league with xenos. (one of the players in the campaign at the moment has come across some xenos / imperium hybrid tech)

Also we lost one of our players recently leaving our group of only 3 people, any tips on how to handle the schism forming between them, since the techpriest used to keep the group together, now we have the assassin and the guardsman on one side and the other assassin on the other and theyre drifting apart (and since the 2nd assassin is now the main person who handles all the charaisma and diplomacy id rather not see them go and the game turn into "you see a begger on the str..." "kill it, loot it, lets go find a war" )

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