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How does that work? Two HQ tanks and 3 squadrons of 3 Russ?

Yeah, I have have multiple squads in chimeras, it wouldn't be Steel Legion without them!

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Has anyone here actually ran this formation before? I'm interested in how it fares

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Sentinel pic from earlier, somehow forgot it...

I'm trying very hard NOT to nerf people's ideas or veto them. I'm warning people to proceed with caution, so we don't have another shitfit like the one we're in right now. I believe the problem is that logia fruit wolverine (assuming low-power One Piece, at least) will still be killed by a small army, or brief orbital bombardment. The same character in a Gundam upgraded by 5 jumps SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to upgrade his supermech, will not.

So do so. Again, I have nothing against bringing him plans, writefagging that you found plans, or even finding a gundam. Just don't give them out for free or cheap, and don't make specific situations that purposefully make them more powerful than they already are.

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Game will begin in the evening. Feel free to read the wiki or participate in the chat.



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Barik dispatched his opponent and lined up a shot at the Behemoth, concussing him and knocking him to the ground with ears ringing. Unfortunately, this pitched him onto Thadius, pinning him to the ground. A short way away, Nicodemus grappled with the gunner, relieving him of his autogun and blowing his brains out. The only remaining attacker drew his wicked blade, grinning wickedly as he carved Thadius's head apart. Eyes destroyed and skull shattered, Thadius could well be dead. Barik executed the Behemoth and him and Nicodemus rolled it off Thadius, the otther assailant had fled. Sirens sounded as Phi II piled their rotund Psyker into a wheel-barrow and attempted to find a surgeon who wouldn't ask any questions.


This was our first session in the campaign, if there's interest I'll set to typing up yesterdays session as well?

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Okay TG im GMing an Only War campaign in 9.5 hours for the first time.

Theyre playing a space australian artillery regiment based in space gallipoli. The campaign is going to have as much chain of command and diplomatic encounters as combat encounters. Does anyone have any ideas to help me out?

Also 40k RP general, i guess?

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Here's the deal, I'm going to be running an Only War game with my group, and wondering if there is any decent adventures that /tg/ can recommend?

please respond

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Sup guys, I've found the latest manual of Only War , Enemies of the Imperium on pdf and I've put up on mediafire to share, so, what is going between your comrades in arms?
Enemies of the Imperium mediafire link

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Only War General.

I've never played OW, but I have played Dark Heresy and apparently it has a lower power level and life expectancy. Does this mean I could use OW to run a series of One-Shots from different squads perspective over the course of a war? So the players would play in a Mechanised company, as Grenadiers and Artillery, all in one mini-campaign?

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On a related note you could turn those sentinels into scouts to strip down a few points and have them outflank alongside your Russes.

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Hi guys, I DMed a Only War campaign over the weekend, it was pretty cool. They had to fight off escaped prisoners on a high jacked prison ship, eight floors of maniacs.

Anyway, they manage to escape the planet, the only two survivors only just make it, the Techpriest had his leg practically blown off and was bleeding out until he used his plasma cutter to cauterize the wound. The Commissar has a dead arm and both were on 0 wounds.

So they are in the escape shuttle when they hear clanging and banging and then they see that something had latched onto the shuttle.

They manage to get a glimpse of a black claw - and they dislodge it from the ship. Luckily they decide not to turn around to look at it, in case it comes after them.

Because I have no idea what this enemy could be. I need it to recur in their next adventure, any ideas?

tl;dr: Need ideas for an enemy in Only War that have black claws, homebrew is allowed.

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Only war thread!

Post some stories/campaign ideas/misadventures/BLAMings

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Sup /tg/

Was running a homemade Only War campaign, just feeling my way through GMing something, when I had my group begin to push through a city. After seizing the main gate, they pushed through to try and control an important intersection, so that the tank columns could start coming into the city.

They're posted up in some ruins providing covering fire for three other squads in their platoon, and that's when things began to go horribly wrong. I feel at this point I should mention that their battalion sergeant major was with them, to provide a good influence on them, since they kept cocking everything up.

Heavy weapons guy jams his missile launcher. His one fate point was already used earlier in the session while trying to prevent this from happening. Rolls on the misfire chart. 10. Rolls for the radius. 10. He blew up a building and everyone within 10 meters of him took 20d10+100 damage at Pen 8. Rules as written, he did more damage than a Turbolaser.

Just wondering if you guys also had some fun RPG stories.

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I've looked for two hours now /tg/ I need your help my google-fu is weak

I need the rulebook pdfs of Only War

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Oh it's sweet how the
Files are floating around!

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Hey there /tg/, as you can probably tell, this thread is about ONLY WAR! More specifically, this thread is about my Only War campaign, and the fact that i can't decide what to do next with it.

My party just got done mopping up their current war front, and its time for them to ship out to a new planet, with new enemies to fight, and i want your help deciding the specifics!

First, lets decide on the primary enemy, roll a d6!

1. Tau
2. Tyranids/Genestealers
4. Human separatists (no Chaos or Xenos affiliation)
5. Eldar
6. Roll a d4, the new result is the enemy, but the Eldar are secretly behind it!

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Ok, Only War time, guys. Can't find a good thread so we're starting a new one.
Haven't playtested it yet, but here are some problems I think I've come across:
-So far, I've noticed that while you gain experience and can use that experience to buy characteristic/skill/talent advances, you don't level up? So you don't gain more Wounds as you advance as a character, is that right? (Other than the Sound Constitution talent)
-The Dodge Skill. (and Parry). So, only Storm Troopers can start out with it, and for most people it takes 300-500 exp to avoid a -20 on it, but it's obviously the most valued skill in the game. I mean, dodging a shot? Compared to knowledges and other things, this one will come in most handy and most often. So, am I missing something, or is it just something that everyone deals with and Stormtroopers are just super good and not dying? (I haven't playtested, just looked through the book)
-Any playtesting stories? How are vehicles in play? Classes? Etc!

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