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high Dex

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This a million times. Everything outside of cigarettes and alcohol is illegal, and always will be. You'll always be a butt-hurt little faggot who hides inside grumbling about oppression while hoping nobody sees you and your pathetic little vice. You'll always resort to taking them to make yourself feel better, since nothing else in your life even gives it the "fake worthwhile" effect.

You'll never make a difference in this world, especially not to legalize your vice. You'll never make an impact. Your name will be misspelled in your hometown obituary and barely even a fraction of its populace will gloss over the entry, forgetting it shortly after.

Your only gift to the world would have been years ago, when you managed to make a few people laugh for a moment, just a tiny moment, because they enjoyed these thoughts about you.

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Actually bro, you're the one wrong. A roleplaying game isn't about "I want to do this so therefore I do it", and if you have a DM/are a DM that just gives the players whatever they want and auto-succeed the players with whatever they are doing, you and/or that DM is a loser and a failure.

It's not about the players, or the DM, it's the interaction between both and the story told because of it. If players just roll around and /enablegodmode everything, that's not really telling a story or having a worthwhile experience, it's a bunch of faggots sitting around a table trying to stroke their dicks.

You aren't "fully in control" of your character. You make choices on behalf of your character. The success, results, and consequences of those choices are what control your character. You want to climb that wet ladder while being shot at by goblins? Roll for it. You want to convince the Captain of the Guard to let your friend out of jail? Verbally express what you're going to tell the guy, then roll it and add appropriate modifiers. You want to give a rousing speech to an underdog army that's heavily outnumbered, out-equipped, and out-leveled? Tell me your speech. In the same manner you would tell the troops. Bring a patriotic tear to my eye and no roll is necessary.

That's fucking role playing.

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In case you haven't read, we're trying to make this a /tg/ related humor thread to cheer up OP. Go be a faggot somewhere else, nobody forced you to click on this thread.
Pic related on both topics.

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>because 40shit tries to contaminate everything.

>really just mad and sages 40k topics because nobody will play a game with him.

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>Official news:

It will get here when it gets here. Don't rush a game to be put out before it's ready, or we'll end up with Warhammer Online.

I'm also anxious for it, more so than should be morally acceptable, but I'm biding my time with a fresh playthrough of DoW2, getting ready for its new expansion, and twiddling my freakishly large thumbs.

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But apparently you DO need the internet to do so.

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