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Know No Fear is good and has some of my favourite lines in whole HH. Unremembered Empire is pretty OK, though it shows through that Abnett didn't like writing it. Vulkan Lives is worth a read only for Vulkan-narrated parts, so I say download an ebook and skip everything that's not written in first person.

Ciaphas Cain is a must. They're enjoyable, great reads and poke fun at the grimdark while staying climatic.

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This pleases Slaanesh. do go on

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Maybe you guys just don't love the Emperor as much as Cain

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>Twilight and Furry accusations.

That said, I've got a group of folks that normally do pathfinder and D&D games. Dragged them into DH despite their reservations given the last attempt had the DM be a hardliner. Pulled a page from CF's book and made it a bit more fantasy than grimdark, had them searching for a dangerous drug called Skub. They wound up arguing and fucking around with each other using the abilities in the deployment lander 20 minutes after it had already docked. Much to the hilarity of all.

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The last thread was over sixty days ago, so a brief recap may be in order. Emps has dispatched Jaghatai to go ruin as many Dark Eldar stations and such as he can while he reinforces the Guard units fighting the Tyranids personally. Meanwhile, Isha is setting up shop on an Exodite world, and Ciaphas Cain of all people has been seconded to a Salamander unit.

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And I left my namefag on, bugger.
The rest has the kid hooking a milfmaid and then straight shota underwater sex happens.

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it's a Chaos version of the Imperial fists.
That picture itself is taken from a piece of work that was done a while back called "The Dornian Heresy" which was a fan-fic about an alternate reality where Regal Dorn was tainted by chaos and started the heresy.

I painted my slaaensh CSM army as Slaaneshi mockeries of imperial fists to troll an actual imperial fist player who I used to beat down all the time.

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Hmm. I have an idea for HUGE HERESY. It may be, in fact...too huge. ZYBERHUGE.

What would y'all say if...and I stress the IF...I were to, perhaps...make mention of everyone's favorite cowardly commissar?

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Reposting url for Yuletide TG gruppe for new topic


Feel free to join the chat, perhaps we can play Killing Floor/Dawn of War/other /tg/ related video game.

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Then you can take Cain back home...

Wait what!
Trust me on this.

To be your little Bitch!

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How come no one ever shows the repercutions of succubi sex? You know, losing your eternal soul? These monstergirl images just get too dam waifu-y and cut out the whole "monster" aspect of monster girls

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demon prince of slaanesh easily

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ITT: Heresy. Do not be tempted.

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