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Durr durr

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"Let's just say I got tired of myself, tired of all the killing. That man died some time ago, now I'm just Siegfried. Now tell me, how much do you know? It's obvious your mother's a reader."

Will also say that, having finished that series of VN's you like so much I see so many parallels here it's hilarious. For example Emeth pretty much is the 00 Unit. Oh well, every writer has something they can't help themselves with. The fact that Urobutcher references the mythos in everything doesn't detract from his stuff, it's just something you notice.

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Hey /tg/, I'm a bit of an amateur DM, run a few short lived campaigns but I'm thinking of trying something different. I'm planning on getting a small group, maybe 3-4 people for a short-term DH campaign. Most of them are new to tabletop games in general, but most have done enough DH to understand the gist of it. My plan, to shake things up a bit, is to give each of them some ulterior motive. Mayhaps one is secretly an Alpha Legion spy, and another is a staunch xeno-supporter. In the end, I plan on giving them each some separate traitor affiliation, with their own side objectives and boosts for whatever role they fill, without any of them knowing that the others are traitors as well. So the main questions are: What roles do you thing would work best for this? Alpha Legionnaire works well, I think, but I'm not sure about the other three. What kind of Skills/Traits would be appropriate for the extra 'classes'? I'd imagine Alpha Legionnaires would probably benefit from fellowship skills revolving around lying, bluffing, disguising etc. but what else makes sense for the other classes? I know it's a lot of vague questions but /tg/ gets shit done, so I figured you guys might be crazy enough to come up with something that works but doesn't break one person to all hell.

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>Your suffering is at an end and the Emperor welcomes you into his arms!
>translation: Die screaming, heretics!
Because only in death can you be forgiven, according to the Imperium (strange penances notwithstanding, this is a Chaos-tainted hive).

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Dat crystalball

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>Preferred enemy to all your shooty units
>using something that was changed in 6th ed for tau advantage
I think i like you
wait a second here..
>broadsides not already being twin linked

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>kill for the living
>kill for the dead

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Ah, so each one would be like taking on a Chaos Champions from SM.... but there's at least 20 of them and they move like lightning.

Alright, I'm game for that.

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>liberty, equality and a dick in every pussy

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I am the Emperor's will made manifest!

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You. Bastard.

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Chaplains, FUCK YEAH!

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Lolling at the names.

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tell me something you dont know.
Oh wait you cant because NDA

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You're welcome

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