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Yeah, I like the other two, but Henderson always struck me as a tale of That Guy being a dick to what sounds like an inexperienced DM.
>My DM isn't very good at this
>I know, I'll wreck everything for everybody!
>That'll teach him to DM better!

I think pic related is a better story of a campaign where people disagreed about where it should go.

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Related and extended.

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>They recently hired a woman who was abandoned on her way to get married.

And yet, in spite of yourself, you've given me something to work with.

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Also, if you're not dead have you and drake engaged in a completely platonic relationship yet?

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Take the wind out of their sails with some goofy shit.

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Here you go friend.

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Grimbright is awesome, too.

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Let's have a silly thread where comedic things happen. I'll start
>in greentext

>Random encounter for a level 2 party, high PB.
>Some kind of polar troll, 15ft tall, appears and demands a toll in cockney rhyming slang.
>We're broke, so we offer it the halfling.
>It doesn't take kindly to our counteroffer and draws a pair of axes, one bronze and one stone.

Round 1
>Troll rolls a 1 on init and we go first.
>Barb ducks under its guard and breaks a bottle of lantern oil against the troll's groin, hitting hard enough to shatter its codpiece.
>Troll nearly ralphs all over the barb from testicular trauma.
>Oracle casts spark and sets its crotch on fire, burning the flesh and throwing off its regen.
>Bard sings about morning breakfast, cracked eggs, and roasting sausage.
>Troll is furious has mutilated junk and does an all out attack against the barb.
>It mostly misses, but one hit takes out 3/4 of the Barb's health on its lonesome.

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>Even if your DM punishes you for every lawful good act you perform, it's better to fight for righteous causes than to succumb to easier, wanton paths
And on the other side, we have a DM who rewards for every edgy, evil act done.

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Interesting clothes.

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You're out of date.

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It could be plausible if you had some kinda roll x dice, keep the highest. Not too sure about what bards have though.

Of social justice before saving the world.

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Why is it I hear so many stories of PC's burning down orphanages. It's like a repeating trope in RPGs, and one the players are surprised by every time without fail.

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