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Is Huron Blackheart really HURR FOAH CHAOS or isn't he?

I get more of a Barbarian Warlord/Pirate Captain feel off him and the Red Corsairs.

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Except for the exaggerated perspective, this is the most anatomically correct Terminator pic I have seen.

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You come to your senses lying on your back halfway in a crater the size of a Baneblade. Your every sense is screaming in your brain for attention. You feel pain, disorientation, more pain, a sense of falling despite lying still and your brain is pounding against your skull. There is no sound.

Your armor is dead. Or at least there is no feedback and the auto-senses are silent. You feel naked from the neck down. The only thing that tells you you actually aren't is that you can't feel the air moving. The only thing you can see from your helmet's eye sockets is a gray sky with streaks of purple. Your vision is blurry.

>What do you do?

The rules are the same as most other Quest threads:

Roll for 2d20 and tell your action or choice. Don't be too elaborate. The first dice determines whose post takes effect, the latter dice determines how effective your action is. Only the first 5 posts count. Trolling and idiotism can and will be ignored regardless of rolls, unless sufficiently funny and not ruining the story. I do have a sense of humor.

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