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Age: XXV
Location: Rome, The City of
Faction: Rome
Class: Slave

Soles of the Empire
Fortune’s Pet (CM)
Empires and Legacies (DCC)
Stoic Sufferance
Simple and Clean (DL)
Ear to Power (CCL)
Rousing Rhetoric (CC)
Masterful Mentoring (-C)
Darling of Divinity (-DC)


PBS Edit (+C)
Person Property (+CC)
The Cat Barks at the Dog (+CCC)

So I've got this planned out for my build in an upcoming chain, but I'm not really sure what to do from here. My knowledge of Roman politics is barebones, so I guess I glue myself to the dude who I'm stuck with for a decade and try to keep him alive.

I'm open to recommendations if you have any.

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