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1. Gather players
2. Collect their tears
3. Make delicious brown ghetto Kool-aid
4. Enjoy

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>too close

I'm already there.

And I've been there since someone mentioned a pretty eldar getting chopped up~

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1) Gender you typically play as.
>Male or NONE (Technically Tentacle Monster)
1.1) Sexual orientation
>Straight, will handle a futa or trap if I must
1.2) Dom/sub
>Dom 90% of time, enjoy a nice surprise and go sub once in a while
2) 3 favorite types of humanoids {if any)
3) 3 favorite types of monstergirls (if any)
4) Are anthropomorphic animals allowed?
>Yeah I guess. I'm pretty chill, I'll roll with if I've got to.
4.1) 3 favorite species (if any)
>Cow anthros but without abdomen udders
>Dragon anthros
5) Do you allow for beastiality?
>I downright encourage it if I play the beast or monster
5.1) If yes do you top or bottom? Do you prefer to be the human or the beast?
5.2) Fantasy creatures or real ones? Favorite creatures?
>Both, I play from big orcs to smelly minotaurs to dogs
6) Three biggest fetishes.
>Huge awesome tits
7) What's your biggest NO! fetish wise?
>Eh, I guess poop? I'll do most stuff if someone really wants, like I've done vore/absorption/snuff for friends before, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna get pissed and shat on.
8) Do you prefer the RP to be schlick/fap fodder or a campaign that has sex in it?
>Fodder, I am a fan of 1 night stands. I like to keep it varied and exciting. I will series with a friend though, maybe.
8.1) Freeform or rules system?
>I feel out how the other plays. Obviously domming means you've got to auto sometimes. Other times its a give and take tradeoff and you "attempt" actions if being polite.
9) What would be your ideal or preferred scene/scenario or campaign?
>Me as a changeling collecting monster girls into a giant harem.
9.1) Any story or example of RP/s you have participated in that you want to share with the rest of us?
>Too many and too huge to post here.
10) Is there any contact information or character profiles you'd like to post?
>If I get some replies sure.

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>Im awkward around females who are hitting on me enough it would put most of the betas on 4chan to shame

You don't say...


1/10 got me to respond.

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