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Anger Management, edition
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What can be done to thematically expand Khorne?

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Argent Paladins

>Guess ill go with Grey Knights

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What would it be like to be in the presence or stand before a Chaos God?

Or even have a conversation with one?

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>The Avatar [of Khorne] feasted on the slaughter it had caused, sensing the oceans of blood yet to be shed through the gateway its sword, bloated with death, had torn in the world. Galaxies of billions upon billions of souls awaited harvest and feeding to the Blood God. There were realms where the time it had wasted here was but the blink of an eye, where there were slaughters that would perhaps one day assuage Khorne's hunger.

>Awful knowledge flooded Uriel as he stared into the portal opened in the fabric of the universe. He saw galaxies of billions upon billions of souls harvested and fed to the Lord of Skulls, the Blood God. 'Emperor's mercy,' wept Uriel as he felt each of these deaths lodge like a splinter in his heart. New life and new purpose had once filled these galaxies, but now all was death, slaughtered to sate the hunger of the Blood God...

-From the Ultramarine Omnibus

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Any one use a mourngul? How's he fit in your list. Im running Nagash, 2 x mortis engines, morghast archai, mourngul and 5 hexwraiths,

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>Eyes turned red, mouths frothed, and weakened limbs felt a savage might
surge into them as Skarbrand’s cry reached an epoch-shattering crescendo. The bloodquartz megaliths shattered in a titanic detonation of glowing red shards, impaling the Bloodthirster with a hundred thick spears of crystal and banishing him in a cloud of blood-coloured mist. An impossibly fearsome wave of rage blasted further and further across the Ashlands, driven forth before the thunderous boom of the explosion. At its passing, the Plague of Atrophy was incinerated. Nurgle’s curse upon the Flamelands was lifted

>n the cataclysm’s wake came carnage. The fires of Ignax burned with sky-searing intensity as every man, woman and child took up knives, cudgels, even sharp rocks. Shrieking in defiance, they fell upon their oppressors, and the blood of evil men filled the air

For context sake, bloodquartz amplify the emotions of living beings next to them. The flames of the godbeast Ignax is powered by the fighting spirit of mortals.

Khorne has feasted greatly today.

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>Ushkar Mir and Bule died killing each other for Archaon's amusement
>They weren't mean to be his champions
It was one big fake out. Orphaeo Zuvius, the Prince of Embers is the chosen of Archaon. He became the Varanguard

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! You cannot comprehend how mad I am right now.

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>n exile Skarbrand stalked the realms, having no purpose save to vent his unquenchable fury. Where he went, he brought war, leaving behind a trail of devastation. None had ever served Khorne so completely, for Skarbrand reaped mountains of skulls and spilt oceans of blood for the master he had betrayed. Despite this, Khorne neither forgot nor forgave. Not yet has the Lord of Skulls rescinded his punishment. From his Brass Throne Khorne watches his former favourite, occasionally plucking the Greater Daemon up to set him upon some new path of bloodletting.

>Sometimes Khorne hurls Skarbrand where his rage might aid the Blood God’s cause. When Khorne’s eye fell upon the Mortal Realms, he wanted them for his own. So was Skarbrand hurled into the fiery realm of Aqshy, there to unwittingly wreak havoc in Khorne’s name. At other times, with memories of Skarbrand’s impudence fresh, Khorne hurls the Exiled One to seeming oblivion, launching him upon some hopeless task, pitting his rage against the stars and tides. Skarbrand has been forced to fight his way out of the Garden of Nurgle and spent eternities battling the illusion armies of Tzeentch – a battle where even endless slaughter could not achieve victory. At such times the bellowing howls of Skarbrand’s frustration can be heard in the Brass Citadel itself, and Khorne is much amused.

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All of this post level 20 discussion is dumb.
Are you the kind of nigger that plays games where you level up every two weeks or something?

It would take longer than a year of the same god damn campaign to reach level 20, unless you're just doing encounter after encounter, and even then, you have the situation >>42343332 is describing.

After that, go full creator mode, start giving your wizard the ability to create small ponds, tornadoes and tsunamis, let them phase from legendary adventurers to literal gods.

Give them a plane, watch them mold it to their image, even the fucking barbarian/fighter should be like hercules/raditz's saga goku by now, let them punch their way through everything that is not a god or primordial force.

And then, make them topple the very gods of the multiverse themselves. If you are really keen on keeping on with the fucking power level make it all end on an orgy of violence and exaggerated flamboyancy as they punch Azathoth and Adonai in the face.

And then, when all is said and done, they will be so powerful they will transcend beyond the Multiverse that is Dungeons and Dragons, and from their willpower a new universe will spawn, with its own lands and mountains and kingdoms.

And in one of those places, a level 1 party will begin their adventure.

or just make them continue as your previous' party apprentices/sons/fans

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Nowhere. He is like rest of the memers, delusional and confused. Anyways, thanks to the Daemonkin and End Time lore we got more fluff for Khorne being what he actually is. The Khorne we know and love. See below.


>Wrathmongers are amongst Khorne’s most fanatical warriors, muscle-bound brutes with no sense of pride, honour or self-preservation. Infused with daemonic energy, they fight without pause, relentless in their reign of slaughter.


>Like their god, Bloodthirsters are martial warriors, a physical extension of Khorne’s own existence. Though mighty warriors, they lack honour or mercy, revelling in wholesale slaughter, be it provoked or otherwise. Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows and the Bloodthirsters ensure that it does at all times.


>Khorne’s warrior code is simple: he demands that his worshippers fight, as much and as violently as possible. He has no time for magic and trickery and he cares little for the cunning gambits or ruses favoured by the desperate or cowardly. His disdain for such petty tactics does not stem from honour, however, for Khorne has none. He is simply rage made manifest.


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It is me or are the Storm Hosts dudes such pushovers? It's like they are made of golden cardboard.

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>Reality Splitting Axes

>These baleful weapons are gifted by the Blood God to those who serve him faithfully. Most famously wielded by Korghos Khul, Mighty Lord of Khorne, reality-splitting axes possess the incredible ability to sunder reality, cleaving through the stuff of creation with daemon-born power. A reality-splitting axe even has the power to end the life of a Stormcast Eternal. Normally when a Stormcast Eternal is slain, he is carried into the Celestial Realm upon a shaft of brilliant light, to be reforged in Azyrheim, but to receive a blow from a reality splitting axe is to risk permanent death

Not so eternal after all, eh?

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in my setting the discovery of a new element (Synthetic) called "carridium" which is capable of generating extreme heat when placed in water and is non radioactive.the most amazing thing? it does not decay it is as if it is frozen in time, some time later WW3 sparks off over control of its production after a few years of war, An experimental energy weapon was fired from orbit, destroying the entire middle east and turning most of china to glass wastelands, a large chasm of glass wraps around the entire planet from its firing. problem is the beam hit the point of intersection for 9 leylines. opening portals to hell so now the militarys of the world are gone Europe is demon filled. and almost 3000 years later humanity has advanced back to the point of control of Canada and the US with half of Brazil and the coast of Africa. with a large military of "Carridium" powered airships and basic steam powered tech, the survival or death of the human race hangs in the balance the deciding factor being relics of the past.

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Show me the battles of Chaos Eternal /tg/.

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>After fierce fighting amid the macrotemples of Skeros, the Wych Cult of Tortured Hopes capture a Chaos Lord of the Skullsworn. Bearing him back to Commorragh, the Dark Eldar throw the Daemonkin champion into their gladiatorial arena. Their sport is spoiled, however, when a Bloodthirster bursts from their captive mid-battle. The Daemonic incursion that follows is catastrophic, and results in the utter destruction of an entire sub-realm of the Dark City.


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Fund it.

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>god of noth-

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I dont have many but Ill post with you

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Here you go.


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When they say "SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE" and start head choppin', does a literal skull appear on Khorne's throne? Or is it more of a symbolic, worship dealy?

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The Chaos Gods take any form they wish.

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