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Probably go to hell for posting this but...

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>>The system doesn't do sneak attacks

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>Target spell
Wait, so if you have 6 mana you can use this on your own Collected Company to bounce it to your hand and still get the effect off because it was never countered?
Or does it have to be on the field to resolve?

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Yo, gA! How ya doing?
That's good, that's good.
Me? oh, I'm doin' fine. Just put knowledge pool in my EDh de...
Wait where you going? I had a stack question;
So I have knowledge pool and possibilty storm on the field at the same time (h8rs gonna h8). A spell is cast, and I am NOT the active player. Do I get to choose how the triggers stack? Or is that a choice of the Active Player?

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The past.

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It was May 20th. Your opinion remains objectively flawed. You may root for the Marju, but they are they were the clear aggressor, and the Dacians are justified in their actions, if not the extremity of them.

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I hope you faggots feel sufficiently trolled and can go back to masturbating yourselves now

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Made some revisions. I'm really open to suggestions, except I can't bring Celestine as this list is for a campaign without characters.

I would like to be able to be tough to deal with

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Assist me, /tg/, Lexicanum is down and the 40k wikia is tragically incomplete. Which Segmentum of the Imperium is the Sanctus Reach located in?

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Calling someone a nerd on /tg/ is like calling someone a faggot on /fit/

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>mfw showfags complain about the show

I only knew this was a GoT thread from the filenames on the Syrio and Gregor pics.

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Hey /tg/, how do I find a 3.5 D&D or Pathfinder game online?

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Canids are actually pretty good about losing limbs.

Or, as HP lovecraft would put it....

TWO LEGS! TWO LEGS! AH HAH HAH HA HAH! i'mma gonna throw myself into the furnace now.

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Nope boner gone you aren't even trying anymore.

Well whatever, some cool cat over in the Rena thread posted Jet grind radio music so I'm going to spend 15 minutes listening to the JSRF ost in bed and catch up on this stuff tomorrow.

Have a nice night you le ironic motherfucker you.

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Actually isn't having the jesus juice bot cut you in half actually a sign that hey, jesus hates you and will never try to peacefully convert you? that he gives you no choice in the matter and its convert or die? That you must throw your life away as a zealout and go up against all sorts of terrible horror? That if you make a mistake you get wracked and potentially fucking explode from jesus juice?

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