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>dat middle one

What build do you use, bychance?

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Though if there was a 40k waifu game it'd have females from all xenos and daemons... ork chicks, uggghhh

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Sup /tg/. I seek your council once again.

I am thinking of contributing to a small amateur 40K project with my voice. Since my voice is deeper than average I thought it might fit for marines. As for the project it needs voices for chaos raptors and terminators. This is where I turn to you guys.

I´ve got no real clue how Chaos Terminators and Raptors generally act or sound like. I´d like to hear your thoughts on these questions about them.

Just how old are Chaos terminators? Could they be so ancient that they´ve been around since the HH?

Are raptors generally low ranking like Assault marines are? Considering they replace their feet with robo-claws it does suggest that they are all more clinically insane than most.

Whats your vision of these units?

I suppose they could all just be balls to the wall crazy but it would be cool if there could be a certain flair that sets them apart. Sorta like Eliphas is different from his fellow chaos lords in the games by well, not being a complete dolt.

In the meantime I´ll just dump some of my favorite chaos pictures.

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>You will be killed by traitor's hands!
>We will deliver pure evil into the heart of the battle!
>Come, my minions! Let us steal their souls!
>Impurity shall be our armour!
>Let no good deed go unpunished! Let no evil deed go unrewarded!


I don't know what you mean.

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Having been here since the board opened, I care.

I care.

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Sup /tg/. I want you to name the best and worst troop choices in 40k.
I'll start with best: IG veterans and Khorne Berzerkers.
Worst: Penal troopers and Necron Warriors.

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Holy hell. My character is a Renegade from a previous Dark Heresy game in which my Arbitrator rolled a lucky persuasion and pulled a MASSIVE haul out of an 'ex-Mortefactor'-s safe. Out of the safe came a broken power sword that by a 1/1,000,000 chance got fixed when I hit an energy being. It has a Bloodthirster in it named Khakh'Metar. It has a fucking willpower score of 80, so when I imported him to this game, the sword is BULLSHIT. I got into a 1v1 honor duel in the name of Khorne as soon as the game started, and I ripped the head off my challenger. I'm really liking Black Crusade already.

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>Were the primarchs really meant to be templates for a race that would eventually replace humanity?
No. Templates of the ultimate soldier and ebodyment of the emperors devine will

>How were the primarchs made, beyond gene-engineering? What warpy stuff was involved?
Quite probably involved warpy shenanigans.

>Why is Roboute Guilliman such a douchebag?
Because hes an angry Smurf in outer space.

>What were the Emperor's true goals during the great crusade?

>Is there any possibility that a fully intact STC system, corrupted or otherwise, remains in existence somewhere?
In the fluff, the Adeptus mechanicus finding an intact STC is like "Finding the holy grail", but we KNOW that STCs exist, not just religious teachings.
The imperium have found many STC Fragments including the STC for "Land Speeders" and "land Raiders" (FYI, they are called "land" xxxx after the man that discovered the STC. See lexicanum for STC)

The emperor protects brother.

Pic unrelated, kinda

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Come on, I can't be the only Demon Prince. Someone else must get it.

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captcha: excitt Elias

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55 models

+3 Save

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5025/M/The Warp

Looking for heretics for short term Heresy, Dieing of aids.

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Always better.

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635/M/The Warp

Chaos Space marine looking for daemonette for sexual relationship...

Fatties need not apply

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Grab her, kiss her, show who has the balls of steel!

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With multiple seasons.

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