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>Not just using a command spell while they're alive

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>Since deceit would be my specialty, I would trick Ivy into thinking I have some kind of info she needed, and she would be like "shit I might needa have some sex", but she doesn't know she's being baited. So the good sex happens, she gets trapped cuz I secretly put her to sleep while sexing, then I capture her for interrogation/information for my side of things. Figure out what kinda crazy experiments she's up to that my clients would be interested in.
That's a very lopsided plan.

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>All this ERP posting

How the hell can you guys just gather together with complete strangers to erp? What are the odds that you'll be even the least bit compatible?

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>They also have slow reflexes, little Fast Attack, slow replenishment, and eternally low numbers.

thinking about it now, GW might have been inspired by certain elements of the rasta culture. i never made the connection before. sneaky.

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>Have DB roleplay when I was 14
>Takes place in the afterlife on some megabig surreal planet
>Rewrite some of the rules regarding the afterlife so less holy and good people keep their bodies
>Powerlevels start off between 100 to 1000, cap off at around 9000 (hurr hurr) and power increases beyond that take much longer
>Allow people to play as demons, monsters, Saiyans, Nameks, pretty much almost any race because DB and Z had a lot of them and there were a lot of interesting ones
>No half saiyans though because fuck you
>Almost everyone plays a fucking saiyan like Gohan, preachy moralfags everywhere
>One girl plays a succubus because demons exist
>Three dudes play nameks that act like ninjas
>I'm quietly playing as a human boy and girl with probably the lowest average powerlevel, trying to earn power progression through RPing and trying not to die via the boss monsters and shit on the planet
>Succubus keeps trying to molest the two I play
>This is usually stopped by the hijinks of the three Namek Stooges

... I kind of miss it.

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I wasn't saying Battle Dancer was retarded. I was saying I could probably come up with a better combination without having a retarded character concept in place of a good one. Like a sorcerer paladin or some shit, which sounds dumb.

Please get some reading comprehension.


Level 1
Dragonlance is banned.
Average starting wealth.
Not allowed to know what others are playing.

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>Guy playing a knight
>Has high Charisma thanks to some good stat rolls
>He acts like a douche, hits on woman all the time and fairly pompous
>DM gets sick of his shit
>Has one of the woman he hits on be a high level mage
>She transforms him into a 16 year old girl
>After being fazed for a few minutes his character fucking CONTINUES to hit on woman


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Wish I could use this but Im on campus and they ban you from internet for filesharing

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