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Wellp, nevermind then.

Mmk, so the druid's got CK on the ground, AB is bleeding out, I say the plan now is to tie them up and question them, and maybe turn them in to the police since, again, hired fucking killers. Before any of us has a turn to tie AB up the druid turns back into a hippie and heals him. Well shit. His turn happens next and suddenly he's invisible. Double shit. So we question CK about the animals, and he deflects it onto again pointing out hippie helped him kill someone. Sometime during this, AB apparently steals the stone out of my pocket.

>Wait, what?
"Yeah, he stole it."
>I don't even get a perception roll?
"He's invisible."
>Invisible. Not a ghost. How's he even know what pocket it's in? *I* don't know what pocket it's in.
"But he's invisible."
>Look, I don't need to see someone to feel them grab my dick.
"Ok fine, roll."

I rolled pretty good. Good enough I thought I had it in the bag. AB rolls privately to the GM, and surprise surprise he happened to beat my high ass roll despite having no idea where I keep the stone. It's pretty late and this is a clusterfuck, so the GM says the guards have arrived outside of the bar.

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