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>mfw DMing CoC

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An aberation's gotta eat, man.

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Smog monsters, perpetually dirty ghosts of chimney sweeps who died coughing and caked with coal smoke.

Not sure if you want to keep undead hordes of children out and about, but this story: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Neverland is a /tg/ creation where Peter Pan is retold as a vampire story, and Hook is the hero. Good stuff, even if you might not be able to use it.

With regard to the Mummy stuff, play it in as if Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut and such was 30 years earlier, and everything is being paraded around in museums. Perhaps the hostile mummies are the royal guardians who are upset that being in a museum is disturbing the Pharaoh's afterlife.

I would be remiss to not mention Aleister Crowley either, that's always a good angle/contact to have, depending on how you choose to play him.

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That could work. Although I've always been a fan of having the PC's deal with some malign entity for magical spells more so than just handing out a tome that has them all listed out. Or it promises power to temp the player, with an unnamed price later. All of this of course, to be hidden from the other players.

All they know is all of a sudden Johnny is slinging spells and has a strange mark all of a sudden...

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Guys, I just dl'd the king in yellow as a pdf! You HAVE to read Act 2! Really! I won't spoil it.

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Blood sacrifices.

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You rang, little ones?

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Just stage the King in Yellow instead. Much more fun, less painful, and it's educational.

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You, you are the worst kind of humani-centric. You would debase what is human favor of the mere propagation of meaningless genetic data. A goddamn ape shares most of our genetic code. Does that automatically make monkeys and apes somehow intrinsically valuable? NO!

Genetics are useless, how many a father or brother has been murdered by their own kin? It is not blood that binds, but ideals. Not genes, but memes. The family is a cradle built for the mind not the flesh as you would so callously assume.

'Love' in it's mere basest form may indeed be a mere breeding protocol. But It can incorporate an entire spectrum of emotions and intensities which in part are there to ensure that a mate is chosen with whom ideals are shared. It serves as an affirmation of the self, a man is not merely his flesh, but that of his mate, his children, his progenitors, he belongings, his talents. To rob him of family is to destroy that vastest part of who he is.

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That's... fucking ridiculous, worse than the time Derleth tried to turn him into Cthuhlu's irrelevant cousin.

That's fucking Shubb Niggurath's territory right there!

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Hell it could be Narly 'imitating' The King in Yellow for the lulz becasue they tend to be enemies if I remember.

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No interested investigators today /tg/? I suppose I could always just dump various cthuhlu pics.

(also, note that the facility was researching cancer cells immortality for possible macro-scale application)

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Genestealer cult ship?

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>no theatrical studies
>no King in Yellow

Chart I am disappoint

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You are now aware that the King in Yellow is an alien Christ-Figure returning to met out poetic justice upon a hedonistic alien civilization.

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Hastur Hastur Hastur.

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