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Alright I'm back.

Here is a doc I worked on some time ago, but unfortunately it is very sloppily done and incomplete, not to mention out of date, because of my laziness.

Some history in terms of the overall development of the Gigerverse or Mundus Carnis, as I like to call it.
This doc>>51912962 was made during/straight after the first gigerverse thread, where the idea was initially sprung up. I took some part in those initial few threads and worked on that doc, but as /tg/'s interest waned the doc was sort of abandoned. I kept working on the idea on my own because it intrigued me, and kept developing the various concepts that were born in those first few threads. Eventually, I ran the Freak Quest in which I tried to portray my vision of that world, though that vision has still kept developing after I stopped running that quest.
You can see some of that vision in the doc linked in this post, but again, even that doc is very outdated.

Picture related is some of the first art I made for this setting, in the original gigerverse threads.

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The architecture is organic in nature.
Under the shadow of great fleshy spires, stretch wast mazes of streets, tunnels, plazas and avenues. The city extends deep underground, and the deeper you go, the more dangerous it generally gets.

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The differences between my old art style, and my more recent one can be pretty much attributed to my own laziness. Coloring stuff is so much easier in my current art style, than it was in my older one.
But there is some charm to me at least, in my older drawings, that my new ones kind of lack. I guess that it is the illusion of shadows and shadings, due to the shoddy linework they all have. I am not educated in drawing or arts in any way, all of my "skills" are self learnt, which is why spotting problems, and figuring out techniques on how to improve outside of just trial and error, is kind of hard to me.

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The Nobles are the rulers of the city, powerful beings who have augmented their bodies to near perfection, or to suit their twisted ideals. The houses are ancient, and their rulership is based on their access to the wast biogell reserves of the city. They use it in their schemes against one another and to power their hordes of commissioned bioengineered killer drones.

The wast majority of the population are freaks. These creatures range from the lowly gutter spawn, who have simply been born from the fleshy streets and walls of the city, to vat born creatures made by the vat mothers for various purposes.
The vat mothers are the biggest biocrafting guild of the city. They have mastered the ways of creating sentient beings from lumps of flesh. They are revered as prophets of flesh, and many freaks seek their guidance and wisdom. They offer their services to freaks and nobles alike, as no one else can deliver vat born creatures of such high quality.

To survive, a freak must be smart, ruthless and willing to adapt, often even physically, in this cutthroat and ever changing world.
Google doc made for this setting. Kinda unorganized right now.

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I would love to do this again.
I think it's wonderful that someone, in this case you actually remembered this setting bothered to make a quest about it.

At one point, I had planned of running a quest in this setting myself, but I have been quite daunted by the task recently, as my experiences with running Spider Quest have shown me quite clearly how much effort running a quest takes. Especially in a world as complex as this.
Or at least my idea of this world is very complex.
I fluffed out shitload of stuff relating to the gigerverse/Mundus Carnis in my spare time. Noble houses, other guilds and so on. Unfortunately they are all in my head currently.

But anyways, I liked this quest, and I hope we will revisit our twisted little freaks again.

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Anyone remember this setting that we worked on around 4 months ago?

It was basically a giant dystopian biotech city, in which people were born with horrible deformities and body modification was as common as buying clothes.

I recall that there was some talk about running a quest in this setting, but I guess nothing came out of it, seeing how this thing was abandoned after two threads.

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Here is an example, from the Mundus Carnis threads.

Overall, it is simply more detailed. I suck at coloring stuff, and I can't say that I am very good at drawing people either.

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Dam, do I wish to make a Mundus Carnis quest thread, but at the moment, I am too preoccupied with my studies and Spider Quest, that I am running currently.

I put so much thought to this goddam setting along with other fa/tg/uys, but it was simply abandoned, seemingly for no reason.

So much stuff in here:

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Moar art.

As always, new ideas are welcome, and people are free to contribute. Places, names, character ideas, augment concepts, crunch, anything. Lets get some good old fashioned world building going.
Come on people, I can't keep bumbing this thing forever.

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