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So I'm starting a Word Bearers tabletop army, (converted from a mash of different allegiances that I currently run) cos I want to use Nurgle stuff but paint my army red. Is this wise, or will I incur the wrath of the neckbearded ones? I want to field a 120 strong horde of CSM holding flayed banners high and overrunning the enemy with a steady march and massed bolter fire, led by a Dark Apostle. I've been reading Know No Fear and by the dark gods I yearn to crush the loyalists beneath the full weight a Chaos Legion can bring to bear.

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Please, if the Emperor falls a thousand worlds will become infested with demons within seconds, thus giving the Chaos gods bigger armies of demons and heretics then ever seen before.

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I'm a little curious, and I know this is the place to ask about this stuff.

Is there any situation---any---where the Imperium and Chaos might conceivably team up, even for a short while?

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>Chaos gods
>"Win the war"

Chaos worshipers care about wars, the gods don't give a fuck. Khorne lusts for battle, not the finality of victory. Nurgle promotes decay, not the finality of death or total failure. Slaanesh is all about the senses -- and war is a sensory overload, both on the field, and in revelry and defeat. Tzeentch...

Well, no one knows what the fuck Tzeentch is about, but flux and change are far more dynamic in war than in peace.

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Nevermind guys found it under 'fire' in the /tg/ booru.

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