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There is an ironic joke in this picture.
One nonexistent bag of nothing to the first person to point it out.

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....The God-Emperor's name is Tracy?

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So long as you don't break his gear. Nothing worse than well-armed guys who have inexplicably no decent loot on their corpses.

Are you going to have the trademark fallout silliness? Or are you going to try to play the grim factor pretty straight. I would say grimdark, but even in fallout, there's hope for progress

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Don't sweat it, mon'keigh.

being this sensitive, I'm surprised she survived this far on her homeworld. But I suppose the situation she found herself in warrants some suspension of disbelief

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Anything in particular you're looking for?

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The only way of introducing players into the game. Shit, I've burnt through 3 guardsman during our first mission alone. The 4th one however, is somehow still holding up. Mostly due to getting lucky with he crits he receives. Lost three right arm, both legs and an eye. But hey, as long as he's still breathing...

Ironically enough he's a plasmagun specialist. My ass shortest lifespan of all weapon specialists.

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I wish I could tell you, sir

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Love it to bits.
It's goofy, it's grimdark, and it blends science fiction and fantasy.
And I'm not afraid to take it seriously

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She'll be back with the Emperor's finest soon, teaching the new brothers the ways of old, the ways of the chapter.

Her glorious fury made form will be a beacon of hope for all the loyal citizens of the imperium.

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Infantry Platoon (504pts)

Heavy Weapons Squad (105pts)

3x Lascannon (45pts)
Heavy Weapons Squad (60pts)

3x Mortar
Heavy Weapons Squad (60pts)

3x Mortar
Infantry Squad (72pts)

Grenade Launcher (5pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Vox Caster (5pts)
Sergeant (2pts)

Bolt Pistol (2pts), Close Combat Weapon
Infantry Squad (72pts)

Grenade Launcher (5pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Vox Caster (5pts)
Sergeant (2pts)

Bolt Pistol (2pts), Close Combat Weapon
Platoon Command Squad (135pts)

Grenade Launcher (5pts), Heavy Bolter (10pts), Krak Grenades (5pts), Vox Caster (5pts)
Chimera (80pts)

Extra Armour (15pts), Heavy Bolter, Multi-laser, Pintle Heavy Stubber (10pts)
Platoon Commander

Close Combat Weapon, Laspistol

Veteran Squad (145pts)

Grenadiers (30pts), 3x Meltagun (30pts), 6x Shotgun, Vox Caster (5pts)

Veteran Sergeant (10pts)

Power Weapon (10pts), Shotgun

Veteran Squad (145pts)

Grenadiers (30pts), 3x Meltagun (30pts), 6x Shotgun, Vox Caster (5pts)

Veteran Sergeant (10pts)

Power Weapon (10pts), Shotgun

Veteran Squad (145pts)

Grenadiers (30pts), 3x Meltagun (30pts), 6x Shotgun, Vox Caster (5pts)

Veteran Sergeant (10pts)

Power Weapon (10pts), Shotgun

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IG is over the horizon? Obviously the IG codex isnt "bad" but as an IG player it's a bit dull. Though there are a lot of variations of most vehicles and several choices for wargear, you're limited to the more viable ones. Any many choices are outright bad like Ogryn. A rebalance and some new toys to play with would be amazing, though I understand other armies are in more dire need of an update.

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What if they decided "fuck it" and gave every single guardsman a plasma gun?

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If you wanted to go about creating a regiment to represent modern-day armies from a world in many ways much like our own in a quieter corner of the Imperium of Man (less advanced tech than some other worlds, perhaps it was a human world cut off from the Imperium and apart from that which has trickled in from outside it hasn't quite caught up to some of the more reasonably advanced worlds)

Of course that might be a tall order since Earth is made up of different nations and has different armies and most Imperial regiments are already based on Real life forces from some point in time.

But if you wanted to make such a themed company what would be good steps.
They use primarily Autoguns instead of lasguns perhaps? The commonly used heavy/special weapons tend towards missile launchers, heavy stubbers, autocannons & grenade launchers?

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A bit of brightness in your grimdark.

>Captcha: shoocrt sept.
>Tau please go.

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Hey /tg/, I'm planning on DMing my first game with a few friends of mine. I've just gotten into the whole tabletop game thing, so I'm not sure what all I need. I have a PDF of the book Only War which is what I plan on using, but are there any other books that I'll need? How do the rolls work on things needing skill? Is it like a 1-100 thing with skill points?

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