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Someone should edit this .gif so it's a clown and clown PDA

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Muscle, Specialist, Wiseguy
With plenty of specializations and prestige classes.

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Nat 20 trip attempt with an improvised weapon.

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So, is anyone else bothered by the game abstraction of Health, or Hit Points in games?

Obviously, they're convenient as hell, but people don't just die or fall unconcious because of a certain amount of pain. It's more often caused by one or two serious injuries, right? Anyone know of any systems that reflect this?

I ask because I'm making my own homebrew system, and really want to include this. Any cool quirks of different systems anyone knows of? I could really use inspiration.

If there is no realistic-HP system, what do you guys think could be done to make one interesting and balanced? I'm thinking of attacks doing damage in terms of "exhaustian", the more a person fights, the more tired they get, and the higher the chance they're hit by a serious attack. This means that as a fight goes on, the fight becomes less and less about who's better, and more and more about random chance, as the two combatants start swinging wildly and dodging eratically. If an attack connects a vital part of the party, the person is injured accordingly, which can cause temporarily crippling, unconciousness, a concussion, death, etc.

What do you guys think?

Post cool game mechanics, especially regarding HP, and critique my concept.

[pic related, nat 20]

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Nat 20 trip
Nat 1 balance

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Hmm, >>21594601 and >>21594036, here guess I should have refreshed with that last comment, but I like the way you think obviously.

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Nat 20 on perform and sleight of hand

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And take a goddam bath. How many days has it been since we slept in our own bed? Its been even longer since we got clean.

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>that bro necromancer

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