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When are you faggots going to realize that this place is never going to get better? That every thread you make is pointless, every project you start is a waste, and every single post on here is just a shitpost against the dark? Your board is a wasted carcass and you only cling to it out of habit and fear of the darkness beyond the rapidly collapsing walls around you, which will consume you once they finally give way, leaving no sign that you were ever here.

Give up. Embrace entropy and the ruin that's been coming for a long time.


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What did he even do to become a daemon? Are all the other chaos primarchs daemons also? Lastly, is the pic here true: >>75730279

Are the imperial fists really the masters of siege warfare?

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What do chaos space marines do for entertainment? I am trying to think about how a chaos legion like the Iron Warriors would spend their down time? Do space marines listen to music or do much anything when they aren't doing the bidding of the chaos gods?

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What color would I use for the iron warriors power armor? Is it lead belcher just with nuln oil over it or something?

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Listen up bitches! Do you only have ambition when you are working for someone who is accomplishing more than you? Are you the kind of person who would risk his life for someone who calls you a bitch, just for the chance to stab him in the back? Do you hate the Imperium, your allies, your religion, everyone in this discount backstory emporium, me, and, deep down, yourself? Well get on my fucking ship cause we're going to flee from self-reflection as fast as reality's abusive boy/girl/thingfriend can carry us for the Black Crusade to end all blatant cries for attention. First-comers get to pick the bolt round that gets put in their head when we need to show how little of a shit we give

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Actually this is a good idea. The original idea I had for them was that this particular kill team are disgraced Iron Warriors. Each of them failed in some or another and IW higher ups are now sending them on a suicide mission of sorts. If they succeed, they get to come back etc. The higher ups stripped them of their stripes and supplied them with crappy / beat up armor.

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what would be the logical choice for edge highlighting something based in the "iron warriors" base paint? Do I use stormhost silver, rune fang steel? or maybe even lead belcher?

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What is the proper way to use a transfer? I have matte varnish and water. The last time I tried a transfer, you could like see the edges of the transfer. How would I prevent that? I would be putting the transfer onto a black surface.

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Fuck man. I am scared to attempt hazard stripes. I feel like its too easy to go full retard with the design. However I am painting a iron warrior break off warband of some sort. I feel like the hazard stripes like "make" the iron warriors who they are though. Like what else would you even put? Anyone have any pictures of alternative iron warriors?

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I think I fucked up and took the chaos pill. I use to only paint necrons but even just ASSEMBLING chaos space marines is fun to me. I actually didn't like assembling stuff like immortals or lychguards. Loved painting them, just hated assembly. Holy fuck man. Everything on space marines just seems so fucking chunky too. A lot of detail and the model itself doesn't feel like it will just fall apart. No weird gangly or lanky bits. Jesus. I mean maybe with new necron stuff the sprue will be better? I feel guilty for enjoying chaos space marine shit. However, I guess a lot of people paint and use other armies a lot anyway? Everything seems so well designed on the sprue too. Mold lines are few and far between. A lot of armor plates hide them etc. Whereas older necron sprue just has mold lines every which way and shit. Weird parts etc.

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Look up the "daemonculaba", and you'll begin to understand.

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What do some of the chaos space marines think of other groups of CSM? Like what do iron warriors think of deathguard for example or word bearers?

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are the prices for warhammer 40k models obscene or is it average for a hobby like this? I am always so embarassed to tell people the real price. Like 60 bucks for 10 chaos space marine tacticals.. is that correct? I guess this is the only hobby I have had like this. Is it a respectable price point or basically a serious rip off?

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are lead belcher and necron compound basically the same fucking paint? If you wanted to dry brush lead belcher onto a model, it would basically be like necron compound also right? Or not really?

Also, does anyone have a model they painted in "iron warriors" base paint and one they painted in leadbelcher? I am trying to get a feel of the tint or tone difference between the two but I don't have iron warriors.

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What is it about marines that attracts so many people to playing them? Is it literally because they are the most seen faction in the game? I had a friend who is new to the setting I guess and he didn't even realize tau was a race! Hell some people don't even realize dark eldar a thing. I actually still don't even know the difference between "craftworld" eldar and the other kind of eldar. not dark.. but the other kind.

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How would you paint a barrel heating up from being fired etc? I am thinking of maybe trying to do it to a sword of some sort. "Heat Sword".

Side question: What would be the ideal way to darken up lead belcher? I like the leadbelcher color but I just wish it was a tad darker for what I want to paint.

Like is iron warriors armor color based in lead belcher?

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Fuck man.. I am on the fence. I love necrons but I think I might get into chaos space marines. I don't want to play imperium but I also like that imperium has so much for options and kit bashing. Necrons have like nothing.

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Would it be full retard to paint death guard in iron warrior colors? I love the death guard aesthetic but I hate their fucking bony and gutsy bits. What type of armor is it that they use anyway? It looks nice but the FUCKING MUTATIONS fuck everything up!

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This is still one of the funniest things I have read about when you think about why the iron warriors did it. They didn't do it to be jerks. They didn't do it because they are perverted and sick. They literally did it to show how efficient things could get if you literally don't give a shit about anything.

Absolutely BASED

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I read a lot of lore on the iron warriors and you guys had me thinking that they were legtimatately just mad incels being bitter and angry. When in reality, they are way more tragic than that. I remember reading one lore tidbit where dorn was asked if he could build a fortress that the iron warriors couldn't crack and he fucking said "Yes". Perturabo stormed out.

I feel like if all Big E had said was "Thanks Perturabo. Your Iron Warriors have shown extreme courage and grit in the face of supposed "unbreakable enemies". Your service to the imperium is paramount. Thanks son."

THATS IT. Boom. No traitor iron warriors. Where did the fucking timeline go wrong man. One thank you would have saved an entire legion from falling.

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Thank you for all your help Perturabo.

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>Get sent out to do dog shit jobs on backwater planets
>Get no credit
> YELLOW RETARD gets credit
>Your brothers in arms are sent into the most dangerous shit with high mortality rates
>No thanks

I mean I feel like someone has to pay at this point. Iron Warriors is probably the most tragic of the traitor legions. I honestly believe that they would have never went traitor if someone had just said "Hey Iron Warriors, thanks for throwing down your lives in the line of duty." but nope.

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love the minis. But fuck sisters. DIE IMPERIUM SCUM. But seriously, I do like the scheme.

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