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>There are no cases of orkz being corrupted by chaos.

Are you an idiot?

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Redundancy would be a better word since orks are pretty fucking chaotic, but orks who worship the chaos gods also exist.
No need for namecalling, anon. I'm a massive ork fanboy and even I know bloodboyz and nurglorks exist. Theyre rare, but they exist. Sort of like possessed Tau.

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This educational message was sponsored by Grandfather Nurgle.

Puss and cankers to you all!

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I'm not sure what exactly you asked, but the storm of chaos books had a segment detailing how orks might react to chaos.
Basic run down is Khorne is right down any orks alley, and Nurgle is dead 'ard and killy. Also green, so he's gotta be proppa.

In the early, early days Storm Boys used to be Khorne followers.

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>Abaddon used this chance encounter with the Orks to conduct unspeakable experiments with Daemons and alien creatures, attempting to fuse the material and the immaterial together into some new manner of horror. Fascinated by the psychic link between the Orks and their instinctive use of Warp energy, the Warmaster took thousands of the xenos back with him to the Eye of Terror to continue his research. The Black Legion eventually retreated from Relorria, leaving the battered survivors of Humanity to destruction at the hands of the Orks.

-BL supp

>The Warmaster : Whom do you serve?
>Urk'Ahai : ABADDONN!

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More resistant but not immune.

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I think the Orks is whatever I want them to be for my army and inner narrative.

Fuck canon autism.

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>Seldom has the manse itself been breached successfully and have the intruders escaped with their lives. One incursion is said to have involved a squad of Fire Hawks Space Marines, a Chapter long since declared lost in the mortal realm. While Nurgle was preoccupied drowning a Lord of Change in his cauldron, the Space Marines arrived engulfed in an inferno of flame and bolter fire to reclaim their fallen captain, whom Nurgle’s minions had once overtaken all-too easily from Khorne’s Wrathgate. The Lord of Decay has his suspicions about the source of this event, laying blame at the feet of the Blood God for the foul deed, for while the Fire Hawks brought their inferno, several blood relics and skullseeds also vanished from the garden.

-Nurgle's Garden.

The Chaos is realm is becoming somewhat of a revolving door, and did Khorne just punk Nurgle?

Hey, you guys who claim that Draigo is the only marine in the Warp who managed to invade the domain of the gods. I bet you are feeling really dumb right now.

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>Orks don't get sick so Nurgle is out.

Where do you guys come from?

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I think this is a Karl Kopinski again. It's part of a larger picture of Nurgle corrupted Orks, but I can't seem to upload it. It's from the Daemonhunters adversary rules, in case anyone was wondering.

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>Chaos Warriors to have Orc heads

Please don't.

>Orcs to have Chaos banners and whatnot?

Please do. I love Orc chaos warbands, and they can potentially worship any god (although it's far rarer than human chaos worship). Orcs like Khorne for obvious reasons, Nurgle for even more obvious reasons (mistaken for an Orc god), Slaanesh because they are all about fun and a few Orc and Goblin visionaries are in the thrall of Tzeentch, pumping out magic and painting themselves blue. Pic related but wrong setting.

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No idea.

Then I guess the story is no longer relevant for the newer canon.



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I am not above forgetting my picture!

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Deaemonhunter book, I meant.

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There are Chaos orks though.

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orkz, nurgle orkz are canon

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Orks are tied to no specific chaos gods. There were Nurgle-worshiping orks in the past because he's big and green.

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>Casters are still overpowered shit
>People are still idiots and refuse to look into psionics

Pathfinder is just 3.5 with more coherent options. I wouldn't expect a bunch of neckbeards so afraid of homebrew but letting druids and clerics run around to understand.

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>Thinks zombies are boring
>Has never played left 4 dead
>Or played Dungeons&Dragons apparently. Do you even Libris Mortis?

Seriously... this coupled with tg players who play 40k not even considering proxy armies proves to be you're all unimaginative twats.

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>Gork and Mork beat up Nurgle for corrupting orkz, this scared the other gods into not doing it.

Welcome to reality ''Ork Boy''. The Orks are not safe from Nurgle and certainly not from CHAOS ITSELF.

Chaos can not be denied.

>If Khorne wasn't scared of Gork and Mork, then why doesn't khorne just corrupt all the simple minded orkz?

Because they are already his in a way. He feeds on the Orks!

Also...have you heard of the Blood Boyz?

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