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Here, let me try to help you.

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Do we have to create a reverse diagram for this?

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Well fellas, I'm out of DM images. Have a cap describing one fa/tg/uy's quest to get his hand off his dick.

Captcha is: thurstanus tioncrwo

Kinda curious what document "thurstanus" was pulled out of.

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Oh fucking hell i laughed.

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>Since nobody's objecting, I guess I'll start headed this way.


>Two can play that game.

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I have the weirdest boner right now.

(pic slightly related)

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Have a bad case of the ol' "I can't take my hand off my dick" disease?

Uhuh. Yeah. Sure. In other words...

You endorse CHANGE. Tzeentch, this is cute and all how you're followin' me, and creepy in all the right ways, but at least have the balls to own up to it. And how DARE you call creating a sentient ass 'uncreative!' It's an autonomous, sentient butt! Perfect for ass fetishists everywhere who don't want the rest of the bits attached and are sick of silicon replicas!

Oh come on, acolyte. To these plebs, everything has gone mad with fetishistic nonsense. To me, it's Tuesday. Don't be a pleb like them.

Hrm. That'll make a nice plug for when I'm done with you. Now, GET OVER HERE! I MADE YOU, AND YOU ARE MINE! AND I'M HORNY! DO NOT DEFY YOUR MASTER!

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Beware: Corruption of Champions will do this to you.

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