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>Thinking about how I want a sisters army
>Fuck this, I'll read one of the SoB books to fill my SoB urges
>Finish reading the first book
>Want them even more now
I feel as though I made a grave mistake

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Bumping for (hopefully) interest.

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Sitting down, you don't feel quite as bad as before.. and instead of only intense pain begin to feel an itch coming from the middle of your knee... You should not be touching it. So you resist the urge. No need to poke your own wound - only will make it worse. A-yup, not touching it. Not scratching that itch. Nuh-uh, not by the emperors shin you'll poke that big red swollen cube that is your knee.

Your hand descends and gives it a scratch - right in the middle.

The pain afterwards leaves you in tears, and for the first time so far you manage a proper scream, hollering your pain for the world to know your hand flies away from the swollen knee like a finger from a hot induct-non isolated steam pipe exiting the primary core. That hurt quite bad - but you think the itching is fading. Still, it appears not moving the leg reduces the pain by quite a lot, and looking the knee over from the side shows that only the direct area around it is actually red and irritated.. a wiggled of your toes inside your comfortable steel-toed boots confirms it, its just your knee hurting.

>What do we do now?*
>Move from here using bad leg(roll)
>Move from here using wall
>Sit around for a while(specify time)


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Depends on who draws em.

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>>2013 anno domini
>>playing warhammer

>give me your reasons for doing this /tg/

Because it is the game with the largest assembly of fluff.

Because there are several people who are already playing it in my city.

Because it has more variation in models and stuff than any other system?

W40k is expensive but it is still the best Tabletop game that is.

>>>Because Nuns with Guns!

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So /tg/, let's talk about everyone's favorite zealots: the Sisters of Battle. Will GW ever bother to give them a proper update? Would anyone even run them if they did? Feel free to discuss for the Emperor!

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I think this is possibly the same artist....

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Just gonna dump stuff.

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Any specific kind? I have lots.

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You know what? The paint job is horrible. But that's ok, it's your first time. I fucking hate those people who have clearly been painting for ages, submitting fucking masterpieces saying "omg lol so bad, only my first time lol". I fucking hate those cunts.

OT: Yeah it's bad, but just look at well painted models, check what they got and yours doesn't and than practice. It'll come with time mate.

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Here are two Battle Sisters, add a jump-pack and it's a Seraphim.

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They came to another junction, this time one with dim lighting working. Another ladder led up, into a larger, brighter area. Again they shotgunned their way through. This time however, sirens began to sound. "Oh fuck."

"We can't go back, we've got to go forward." Rei insisted. She could be brave for her sister too, when the need arose.

They ran on, passing huge heavy-set doors, which reeked of wrongness and looked too powerful to force open anyway.

They came to an elevatus door, and rapidly thumbed the call button. It asked for access clearance, which they didnt have.


However, the lift began to descend anyway. "Oh shit, someone's coming down."

"Is there no other way up?"


Rei cocked her rifle. "Get behind that nook. We'll kill them as they come out."

"What about the pursuers behind us?"

"Shoot quickly."

They readied themselves, hearts thumping, their fingers on the trigger. Behind they could the echo of boots and the shout of men. Arbites, they reckoned. Pursuing them.

Ahead, the elevatus descended. floor -4, floor -5, floor -6....

the doors slid open.

They screamed and fired....

oblivion enveloped them.

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So I'm starting a DH game and I'm more familiar with DnD.

In DH you roll percentile against your stats to determine success. If you aren't proficient in a skill you halve the stat. You determine your stats by rolling 2d10 and adding 20, which means that on average all your stats will be around 30.

Does that mean that at starting level in Dark Heresy you only have a 30% chance at succeeding at any given task that you're super awesome at, and only a 15% chance to succeed in something you're not trained at?

That seems low. Like, so low that it would make the game un-fun to play. Or am I missing something in my admittedly cursory read of the rule book?

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