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What are some good examples of traitor legion geneseed getting used for a new chapter gone wrong
I need some inspiration

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Stay mad khorneflakes, not like you can do much else

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All is dust

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We got wizards
We got beastmen
We got daemons
We got whatever the fuck Magnus is these days

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I play Thousand Sons. I try using fun stuff like Forgefiends, Helbrutes, Rubricae. I don't even own any Tzaangors. Every time I post about yet another game where my army just imploded in one or two turns and all my old units that I have been using for multiple editions accomplished absolutely nothing, people laugh at why I even bother with such terrible units.

Even when you don't meta chase people accuse you of it immediately. Seems like no matter what you just can't win.

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The trick is to get 3rd party bits, paint them with a thin layer of Liquid Greenstuff, take a WIP photo for evidence and claim you sculpted them yourself.

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Cult of Magic can take it and all the intercessors around it down in a couple of turns.

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Actual ACTUAL Thousand Sons' theme

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>Play Thousand Sons and have nearly finished painting my entire army
>Have always thought Custodes were awesome and wished they could be a proper army in 40k
>New plastic models AND forge world models being added to 40k

2018 is going to be a good year, my friends I want to go to bed because it's 6am but I'm too excited..

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>Want to spray my new Thousand Sons
>It's icier than a Fenrisian nipple outside
Send help.

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>mfw today Catholics celebrate Saint Prospero

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This, having actually played a game of 8th with them, even now we're in a fine position. Smite spam is nothing to shirk at, amd we're both extremely durable and hard hitting in the shooring phase.
Once we get our codex and get more than 3 powers we'll be amazing.

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Just got done playing a game of 8th with my 1k sons vs ad mech.
It was quite fun, and it's nice that the sons of magnus are actually quite viable now.
Some stuff I learned through the game:
>rubrics and scarab occult are tanky as fuck. A turn of an entire army of ad mech shooting only removed 6 rubrics
>magnus is powerful, but the lack of powers makes him not worth taking right now, since his bonuses are wasted on the mediocre heritcus powers.
>rule of one is not nearly a big deal as people make it put to be. Spamming smite is really powerful, and who doesn't love just throwing out warp lighting like Sheev all over the table.
>arhiman is really quite good. The drop in cost makes him quite viable
>warpflamers are worth the points. putting out tons of shots while advancing each turn is quite strong
>rhinos are quite tanky now, they can survive rather long unlike before

Can't wait to see what the CSM codex brings, because right now the hold over index is quite fun.

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>Psychic phase a smoldering ruin
>Tzeentch psychic tree a colossal pile of shit of high warp charge abilities that aren't very good
>Chance to perils of the warp doubled and expanded to drag every unit within 3" along to hell with the psyker
>Tzeentch daemons nerfed to shit
>Magnus nerfed hard
>Black Staff of Ahriman and Staff of Tomorrow provide no benefits to psychic powers anymore and are simply slightly better melee weapons for units who have no business being in melee
>Heralds of Tzeentch give Tzeentch Daemon units +1S in exchange for being way shittier casters without gaining Pink Horrors' ability to fire a lasgun
>Pink Horrors can only roll 1d6 to try and cast smite on the nearest target
>Blue Horrors can only use Smite and Brimstones automatically die when they do so
>No more spell familiars
>Death Guard get a unique psychic tree and 1ksons don't

Now that last one is just insult to injury.

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Eldrad now, in recent lore, is akin to the kid in the back of the class who has his head down. Pretending to plot how he is going to skip class and still pass the class.

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>How come legionnaire champions don't get 2W as well?

Well, I view Legionaries as being the "middle ground" between Chosen and regular Marines. They're intended to be more powerful than Marines, but not as good as Chosen. That, combined with one less Special Weapon and one less Attack, was my way of sort of "balancing" them in that direction - they're solid line-holding troops and can pack three Special OR Heavy Weapons in a 10-man squad, but they're not quite as raw-skilled and good at pure murder as Chosen are.

>Also maybe change the name of the ectoplasma special rule to overcharge, as currently it'd be a bit of a mouthful to spout off in the middle of the game

Maybe. I chose "Ectoplasma" because it is very Chaos-flavored and already fits in with the Ectoplasma Cannon that already exists. It is a bit clunky, though.

>Perhaps ectoplasm cannons gaining large blast instead of rending and soul blaze

Damn, that's a way better idea. Already changed.

>Change daemonic possession to only be able to eat infantry units, perhaps even to only units with a single wound

That's a good point. Maybe having Daemonic Possession only remove a single Wound from a random model in the unit would be more streamlined approach? That way multi-wound models aren't eaten, but there's still a bit of a "risk" involved for them (it's just no longer life-threatening).

Thanks man. I've been busy playtesting and trying to brainstorm new ideas for it.

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alright you caught me anon, that last suggestion was for laughs

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It's very clear they are Thousand Sons successors

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okay /tg/ here is my casual 1850/1847 list, i'll do a battle report later and tell how it does

keeper, lv 3, greater and exalted 280
GUO lv3, 2 greater gifts 270

4 flamers 92

10 bloodletters 100
10 daemonettes 90

burning chariot 100
burning chariot 100
daemon prince of slaanesh, armor, wings, lv3, greater gift 310

sorcerer lv3, mark of tzeentch, aura, force staff 140

9 sons, force axe 265
10 cultists 50
10 cultists 50

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well at least now we know that the rubric can be reversed but not thanks to magnus

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Can you go in a special Library for me?

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We don't need Fearless on our basic units, that's better than what SM have. What WOULD make sense is to (hear me out) bring back the Mark of Chaos Undivided which would make them Fearless, or give them Stubborn. Hell, at least give Chosen Stubborn, they're the elite of the elite after all.

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