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what really happened that day

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I can see why the two could be considered comparable, although the plague ironically didn't seem to be as corrupting as the Bloodtide despite being far more widespread (due to the way it was introduced). But the fact remains that The Bloodtide Returns is still there. It has the offending part removed, and that might actually be enough to make me think said part was retconned out, except the codex still has the Grey Knights both teamkilling and doing stuff with blood.

>So it is that in the candlelit chambers of the Grey Knights’ Augurium, a veritable army of ebon-cowled scribes toil in shadow, endlessly sifting through the visions reported by the Chapter’s Prognosticars, searching for clues to the ever-changing true names. It is a long and dangerous process, for no scribe can ever be trusted with more than a fragment of a true name, lest he become corrupted by the raw power it contains and threaten the very Chapter he seeks to serve. Thus, each scintilla of lore is inscribed onto a blessed scroll in sigils of the scribe’s own blood – mere ink cannot cage such knowledge.

>Anointed in the blood of a dozen Grand Masters, the Nemesis Banner is one of the Chapter’s most potent relics. The banner is abhorrent to creatures of the Warp, its psychic light burning so bright that Daemons cannot look upon it, their very essence burning away the closer they come to its presence.

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So...im a DM for a Rogue Trader campaign that's been going for about a year now.

2 of my players have reached the point where their characters have developed into independent persona. While not perfect, they have improved considerably since we started.

The other two have simply failed to get beyond "heh shoot stuff and trade my soul to demons for guns" and "I sit impassively and decline to give feedback unless directly prompted".

Maybe im "that" DM, but they have never crafted any backstory, never taken the initiative to flesh out their characters, even their appearance is vague and changes by the session.

Im wondering if theirs a trick to giving their characters meaning to themselves so they can take up the reigns on their own development?

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Necrons are very resilient and Eldar... can be as well, if you're smart.

Eldar main points are speed, cover-hugging dudes, half the army has 3+ armour, sykiks and Lance weaponry ahoy. Oh, and the most powerful transport vehicle. But stay away from combat, if the model isn't a Wraithknight.

Necrons are more or less slow, but can take a punch and deliver back, has nice special rules with the little formations and one of the best CC units in the game.

Eldar kill things fast, Necrons wins attrition wars. Depends on your playstyle.

Do you have non-necessary money around? 40k is an expensive hobby.
Oh, and do you have time to assemble and paint the models?

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Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?

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You are supposed to do a lot of things. Doesn't mean you actually have to though.

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Blood talismans have been a thing in 40k for a while. They've been consecrating their bolter rounds with the blood of the innocent since...2nd edition I believe.

It's nothing personal, just business.

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Nicely done, sir/madam!

I love that module for that exact reason.

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Best not, that one was pretty cringeworthy.

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They are the biggest, baddest, most loyal sociopaths in the galaxy. Of course they're desired.

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Well in fairness, they have to dun goofed pretty badly to be forced into a Repentia squad.

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We're just here to sort that little detail out. Now be a good girl and forget we were ever here.

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I agree, OP. I always wanted to start 40k with a Necron-Army. Now that their story turned into some kind of egyptian-robot clusterfuck, I won't start with 40k. (Or maybe I'll start an IG-Regiment... we'll see.)

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so is there a lot of joint operations with the SOB and Grey Knights?

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> Grey Knights... very important.

Yeah see I see why you might say that but here's why that can't be the case.

The Imperium consists of at least a million worlds, by most reckonings, though the actual number is probably much higher.

As space marine chapter 666 the Grey Knights would have a strength of 1000 men, assuming they stuck to the codex Astartes, which obviously they do not.

HOWEVER, regardless of that, the GK have a selection process which is even more stringent than the one for ordinary space marines. Ballpark figures for how many people are worthy of being a SM are generally about one in a million.

In addition the Grey Knights must also have psychic potential, which manifests sufficiently strongly in humans at about the same one in a million level excluding factors like warp storms and excessive mutations etc.

Without factoring in things like actually finding all these psychic wannabe grey knights and hoping they survive the training and sanctioning processes, and are compatible with the gene seed that puts the rate of people worthy of being grey knights at one in ten billion human males.

Using the aforementioned estimate of the Imperium containing a million worlds and (perhaps generously) attributing an average population of 2 billion to each world (for every overpopulated Hiveworld there are generally several sparsely-settled agriworlds, deathworlds and remote mining colonies). Halve that number because women can not be Grey Knights and divide by our one in ten billion worthiness figure.

That comes to.... 1000, and that's being generous about the Imperium's ability to find and gather worthy recruits (particularly as the GK are likely to take losses much faster than they can be replenished).

How could those 1000 ever POSSIBLY be where they need to be? Warp travel is so slow and unreliable that tiny detachments of Grey Knights would constantly be turning up to demonic incursions far too late to be of any use)

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That sounds awesome, any idea when the final version is going to be released?

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stop that

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You da man, man.

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