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"Great," I said to him as I stood up, "Just when I was beginning to get used not being shot at." The tiny man looked around catiously. "Talk like that we'll get you in trouble," he said stroking the magnificent length of silver chin hair. I replied with another eyeroll which made him chuckle. "Same old Cassandra. Oh, and I got you something." Knowing that there could be something nice for me to grab I leapt over to him.

Wrapped in his fingers was a single syringe containing that precious liquid that I spent nights thinking about. As I glanced over it he chuckled again. "Knew you'd like it." He handed me the little needle. And with that, he was gone. He always did that. Even with my accute sense of smell and my perfect vision I could never pinpoint that old Ratling.

I had no doubt that his information was valid. I was worried by the means he came upon it. Could I know about something I shouldn't? Did he eavesdrop on the enemy? I had little time to worry about that before lo and behold the last man I wanted to see in my lifetime stood before me. I had the misfortune of being the only one in sight at the time so naturally he placed his attention on me.

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