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So, with that settled, we pool our knowledge about the area.

Essentially, giants. That's about all we know really.

None of us have visited the area in peace time, and have no idea really what it'd be like now, all we really knew was that it was *bad*

>What were the giants like?

Actually pretty smart, as smart as a gifted, well educated human. They were old. Very old. They had slept until the world re-awakened, slumbering under the hills, waiting for the earth to warm again with volcanic fire (Scotland was once actually extremely geologically active). When they did wake up in 1497 as did everything else, they quickly adjusted.

We also knew they were extremely fond of the Stone of Scone, it being near Perth in Scone Palace (we are not far from Perth).

Pic related: a giant, also includes my 2nd favourite citadel miniature.

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