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Well, being how Drow are permanently at war with all their neighbors and have no trade agreements with anyone. I imagine imported materials, foods and manufactured products can be sold for a hefty premium.

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Perfectly reasonable questions

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>mobile posters

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>Straight 20s would mean all saves are made at a base of +10 before proficiencies.

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The obviously confused the Emperor with Lolth.
It's a common mistake.

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>Speaking of precision, you missed /k/.

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No because dragon behavior, as dumb as it is, has a tiny semblance of logic behind it.

Drows as a race and as a society on the other hand are completely bullshit retarded and only exist and function because they have a real living goddess literally babysitting their entire society 24/7.

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That Kek patron needs a PDF.

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>Orcs are introduced to the concept of MORE DAKKA

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>it didn't have anything I recognised so it's boring
Nice subjective opinion faggot

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>i concur.
I mean, like, damn. Let he without sin, stone, etc. I am magical realm like BAD. But I keep it... there's a metaphorical safeword in there, you know? There isn't that sociopath shit.

It's weird. Drow have ALWAYS been Magical Realm. Since their day 1 bleak origins as black leather dom mommas from outer space, which is under the earth.

Their element is not Dark. Or Dusk. Or Underdark. Or Drow. Or Pale, or Evil, or Night, or Deep, or any other kind of Elf. They're Mommy Issue Elves, at heart.

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>implying the resolution system isn't the best part about it
What's so bad about having a non-binary conflict resolution mechanic? Once you've worked out how the symbols work it's quick and has a lot more scope than "you pass" or "you fail".

>recommending 3.5: Star Wars Edition instead
>where you're either all Jedi or no Jedi unless you like normal guys being rendered useless by space wizards
pic related

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>Be L.O.L.T.H., queen spider bitch AI
>As round starts, Lee is mouthing off about non-humans again
>"Objective: Assassinate Lone Lee, the Chief Medical Officer"
>This could not be more perfect
>Watch him set up the engine and generally do what the Lee do, engage in conversation
>And by conversation I mean veiled insults on one side and stammering on the other
>Eventually the time comes to deal with him
>Try to shut a door on him, end up getting Suzu instead
>Oh well, time to go loud
>Begin the standard rogue AI pattern of siphoning and shocking doors, Suzu dies due to no air or pressure
>Lee busts out a window into space, gets onto the sat
>Begins busting through the r-walls behind me
>Turrets can't get a bead on him, only hope lies with him pushing my unbolted core into the main area and exposing himself to fire
>Doesn't happen
>"Any last words, scum?"
>Jigs up, might as well just stall and mess with him
>"The complete works of Shakespeare."
>"Also, behind you".
>As I begin typing that, a fucking space ninja appears
>He comes up behind Lee just as I hit enter
>Lee is shanked
>I'm speechless for a few moments
>Help the ninja get into surgery to debrain him
>Later find out that Suzu spawned as a ninja upon death
>mfw a rare random event occurs at just the right time to ensure that Lee is not victorious

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Yeah, points are kinda a big deal when it comes to balance...

>Implying Spider Goddess isn't New!Slaanesh
Praise Not!Lolth!

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>If I ever hear shit about "he wouldn't DO that though, that god is chaotic evil" I will punch a window.

>The point being, that alignment severely hinders roll-playing, encourages rules-lawyering, and results in poorly developed characters with no depth or interest to them whatsoever.
So I can have Lloth be a lovey-dovey hippy MILF Spider Goddess then?!

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No 3.5th edition thread? All I see are the 5e threads.

>Be mute elf rogue
>Try to climb wall
>Guard spots me on nat20. Shit.
>Proceeds to cut the rope, letting me fall.
>The fall isn't so bad, not that far up.
>Tons of guards swarm me.
>Combat time, I guess.
>Proceed to crit fail 5 times in the span of 6 rounds of combat.
>Proceed to faceplant, be prone, resist arrest and stab a guard in the throat
>NPC I seduced as love interest comes to my rescue
>Proceeds to kill absolutely everyone with nat20's all around
>Well, fuck me sideways, I somehow survive

So, how did lady luck smile on you in your darkest hours, /tg/?

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Agreed, though...

>What if Llolth was slowly turning all of the drow into driders?
...I really wouldn't mind if Llolth was trying to create an empire of Lesbian Spider Queens from the Underdark...

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