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>I, Kunnam, First of the Named, Thirdpainted, of Squad Blue, write this not for any other to see, but for myself, for there is much that I have learned, and my soul is greatly troubled. Therefore I write, though no brother of mine has written before, so that perhaps these thoughts might rest more easily upon my shoulders.
>It is said that starting to write is the most difficult part. Therefore I shall start at the beginning, which was the simplest time.
>When the Maker conceived us, and freed us from the Order and the Dark, I was not yet aware. None of us were. Not even when He assembled us, made us Whole. Only when the Maker, in His wisdom, made us black as night, did the first inkling of thought appear.
>He spoke to us as he painted, or perhaps to Himself. I do not recall clearly. At first He made us black as night, for that is the colour of despair.
>Only they whose hearts are one with despair can truly inflict it upon their enemies. The Maker, in His wisdom, knew this.
>When all of us were of one colour He assembled our squads. In His foresight, He gave us Captains of great courage and experience, of whom I shall speak more soon.
>Three squads of five there were.
>The Maker ordered us in a great circle, and we drew lots to see who should first have the honour of being readied for war. I drew Third.

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You could try and use mephiston red and bring it down with either a heavy nuln oil wash or maybe one of the contrast paints.

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Depends on what faction you are playing, but it mainly comes down to your movement position and who you are setting up your charges so that you can either consolidate into another unit, or wrap the current one so you can stay safe in their shooting phase.
here's the retard guide to charging also

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>Dumb Muscle: Khornates might be the biggest and strongest of the Forces of Chaos, but tend to know only slaughter. They would in fact starve to death without the support of cultists or their Gods because they literally are not smart or sane enough to find their own food.
>Eats Babies: Quite literally. They are considered a delicacy among Khornates and Nurglites (in so much as they care about quality) for the tenderness of their meat.

Why are Khornates so autistic?

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Khorne, because I'm an angry little man.

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>They're the best melee unit in the game point for point.

This is incorrect, best melee unit in the game is pic related

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Got some questions that I would like cleared up since some people at my LFGS has been feeding me questionable bullshit.

Just bought Berzerkers and played about 3 games with them.

1. How do you resolve a unit of 20's attacks in the fight phase? As long as a single model is touching base with the charged unit, the entire unit fights?

2. Can you consolidate into an enemy and immediately fight again with your second fight phase / stratagem?

3. If I consolidate 1" within an enemy, during my opponent's turn, he / she is unable to shoot me unless they're using pistols?

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Does anyone know the deal with Khorne Berserker's Blood for the Blood God! Rule?

If they charge does it go KB/Enemy/KB or KB/KB/Enemy?

And if they're charged I assume it goes Enemy/KB/KB

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He's more of an axe man

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>zerkers now charge out of rhinos and take ass like they were supposed to instead of sitting around like goofs


GW actually did it, the absolute madmen

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You can't have two Legacy weapons UNLESS your "signature weapon" (which is what a Legacy weapon is supposed to be) is actually a pair of weapons used via Two-Weapon Wielder, like a shield and sword, or pair of pistols, or pistol/chainaxe combo or something. Blood has rules covering many of the questions you're asking, so just download that, read through the Legacy Weapon section carefully, and you should be fine.

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So do you guys think they'll change much for Berserkers in 8th? I figure they'll at least get new models once the DG are done.

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REAL best legion coming through.

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Real best legion coming through. Wizards gtfo.

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>The legend committed great atrocities during the boarding of an Eldar Craftworld. He and his Warband are still hated to this day by the Eldar.

Looks like we pissed off some Eldar. Probably not gonna be their allies any time soon.

Roll a d100 for our homeworld.

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>tfw dual butcher cleaver wielding, massively insane, slamming with full goat set, high strength, high luck, surge w/o spending survival slaughterhouse of a survivor

This game is fun.
Never going anywhere near a screaming antelope with him though.

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Hi guys, Im an old World Eater player, I started with them with the 3.5 book and played through early 6th edition, when I simply had to take a break from the game.

The next chaos book came out and I heard it was as bland as the 5th edition book so I stayed away, but apparently both Kharn and the World Eaters just got a supplement and buffs.

So I read it and it felt like the update my old 3.5 marines were waiting for. But I'm still getting a feel to army construction.

I need a lord, but I have my Demon prince so I'm fine there.

Then I need a compulsory formation, the Maelstrom of Gore or the Warband.

Which is the better foundation. 20 Berzerkers and Kharn doesn't seem that viable just running across the field, especially because the chain axe just isn't that good for the points and are expensive. I've almost always needed land raiders to push them along, but that would eat the entire army points wise.

Is the Chaos Warband better then the Maelstrom? Also which of the auxiliary formations seem viable. A lot of them require a bunch to get off the ground. The Terminator Annihilation force seems interesting though.

Can you guys help an old Khorne player out. I'm not that interested in demons really, I kind of want to play a marine army, maybe with a Demon Prince or Blood thirster because the models are new and look fun to build, but only for higher points values, I'm looking at 1500 to start.

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I left 40k for 30k at the release of Grav, which killed the Land Raider and thus my World Eater army, but I heard that my World Eaters are getting new rules. Is it worth it to reconsidering buying Chaos marines for Khorne or am I still better just playing my Pre Heresy list in 40k as I've been doing for the past few years?

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Shooting is for faggots.

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If it fits the character, of course. Last time I played a Khornate berserker he was very quiet outside of combat, very honourbound, but never very proactive. He was just never interested, he didn't care about much until it got to combat in which case he became a howling melee blender full of life

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And Cacharodons would shit themselves against some Khorne Berzerkers.

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13th Crusade was a good time for me.

My Berzerkers were a rape train.

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Emprah a shit.

Put your faith in real gods and go Chaos.

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