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Simplified Terms

1. For as long as there are people of this family, they shall enjoy a transit monopoly within a set boundary, excepting those who have been granted similar benefits prior to this document.

2. The Trader may act as the Imperium in this region.

3. The Trader and his family must swear an oath of loyalty to the Imperium.

4. If anyone cheats or tricks the Trader, he is entitled to seek restitution by any means necessary.

5. If the Trader needs troops, he may requisition Imperial soldiers, but is responsible for their care and feeding.

6. These soldiers will be loyal to the Trader, excepting when it contradicts their loyalty to the Emperor.

7. The Trader has the right to imprison any of his sworn men, taking them from a planet to his vessel.

8. The Imperium will not seize your guns, money, or soldiers unless we need them.

9. The Trader speaks with the Emperor's Voice when beyond the purview of the High Lords of Terra.

10. We will not raise tariffs for this Trader for the next 40 years, unless there's a major war, in which case we won't raise them higher than they were during the last major war.

11. The bureaucracy of the Imperium has the right to audit the Trader's books.

12. The Rogue Trader will create an inventory of his fleet within three months of departure from port, and submit this inventory within one month after this. We reserve the rights to see your receipts at any time.

13. The Rogue Trader will turn his books over to the bureaucracy every 30 years for this audit, and if by the end of 40 years, they have heard no word, this Warrant of Trade is revoked.

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Don't remember the BFG rules/stats well enough to tell you that.

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