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A heavily augmented addict with a shady past. Wow, what a special snowflake. She's like a psychic old lady version of Raiden or something.

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Are we sure it is for 40k and not a new Cygnar jack?

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Only a heretic would appoint a ferret as a commisar.

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Hello /tg/. Has anybody of you any experience with the second edition of Dark Heresy?
I was thinking about getting it. Is the pdf worth 20 dollaros?

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Hello /tg/. Has anybody of you guys experience with the Dark Heresy 2 Beta? I'm thinking about getting it. Is the pdf worth 20 dollaros?

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Yep, it's heresy alright.

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No it isn't leandros.

Run! Run and tell an inquisitor! Then go get the fucking minotaurs! FOR CHRIST SAKE GO MAN!

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All the chaos gods work perfectly together for this reason.

Nurgle wants to defile pretty things, Slaneesh is okay with this since it'll be an opportunity to experience nasty new sensations. Khorne wants to destroy pretty things, and he can also burn/purify Nurgles garden. Tzeentch can control vices of rage desire and power.

This is why the chaos gods fight all the time.

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>Definatley not. What is driving that?
>Why? Sounds pretty stupid and illogical.
>That doesn't make sense
>They already do that. Idiot.
>Why would that happen? What caused it?
>Why? What Happened? What are they looking for?
>Why? What happened in commoragh that ended a 15000 year status quo?

This is probably the worst progression idea I've ever seen on /tg/. I mean, its one thing to be bad, its another to be so bad that you don't make sense and nobody takes you seriously anymore.

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> there is a better way than embracing the grimdarkness

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>this thread

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A ripper body transformed into a pseudo-servitor.


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In other words.


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>imagine our beloved Emprah dead

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As much as I love the whole 40k universe, gotta ask, whats with the swords and axes? Also, the whole medieval aesthetic with the engraving and fur pelts? I understand that the whole age of strife thing resulted in a lot of knowledge being lost, but how could an entire aesthetic that we barely even remember now be completely preserved and emulated? Especially since a lot of the tech they do have predates the age of strife

I know it's all science fiction/ fantasy but there should be some congruence

I'll delete this thread soon, don't want to shit the board up

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Ok /tg/, here is my problem.

I love 40K, I got into the boardgame when I was young (I'm 23 now so about 10 years ago) When you use to be able to buy 20 Imperial Guardsman for £15/£20 (I can't rerember the exact amount but it sure as shit wasn't £20 for 10 troops like it is these days). I'd like to think I got quite good at painting/modeling (for an amateur) and I enjoyed the building/painting process just as much as I loved playing it. I stopped playing around 17 and got into the RPGs instead (my fav being Deathwatch) and recently I've had the itch to build an ork army. I want to go Ork mainly because you can go all out crazy with the models and have some real fun with creating an army theme. Also when your 15 you don't really appreciate the rules or the game itself. Now I'm older I want to build an army of my own and test my mettle against others. I enjoy a challenge.

I knew 40K got expensive but fuck... I've been looking at prices today and I'm shocked. I earn an earnest wage that covers rent/bills. I'm not starving but I really can't afford to blow my money on plastic models when I'm barly getting anything for my investment.

I know there's no cheaper outlet but I'm curious to know what my fellow elegen/tg/entlmen do when they want some models but the money is just too demanding?

tl:dr - Warhammers expensive, what do you suggest for a man on a budget?

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