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another good personality that is arguably friendly and also arguably hostle is a fleet commander who is a friend of the family and helps out on occasion. This person is doing so out of pity for 'the poor girl' and while helpful is constantly condescending, possibly without realizing it. Ending such an ongoing thread is easy as well, you wait until the PC's have dealt with a situation by the skin of their teeth, then have this person show up 'to save the day' so to speak. You can have them start berating Elsa for getting into so much trouble, belaboring how much effort it was saving her. At that point the PC's will either rally to their employers defense (make sure this officer is unpopular or low ranking enough that this is not terribly dangerous to do) and tell off this 'helper' or let Elsa be chastised. It will be a watershed moment in their relationship with Elsa.

You asked for a very specific and rare type of picture. I don't have much to aid you with. Sorry.

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Eberron art dump? Fine by me.

>icilabi Biographia
I haven't read or seen that one.

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Eberron has brown people. In fact, one significant NPC is a little brown girl in charge of a church.

>not Hunsum
That's because Jaela is a cute girl.

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Did somebody say Loli Pope?

Captcha: gagroas 101,
I don't know captcha...

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you are a foolish mortal that has summoned a demon overlord. He explains to you that he will do your biding for now, but only if you make your request made of seven words, that are made of 49 letters, not counting the spaces between the words. What do you ask for, and be warned, overusing of things like !?. is forbidden and numbers doesnt count as letters, but you are free to write them as words. Also, bad grammar and spelling can result in random events.

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"Painting by Matt Cavotta"
Dungeon 111 cover.

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We could always use more Jaela Daran.
TL;DR is 11 year old little brown girl who's the pope for a church. Holy symbol looks like an arrowhead with a stylized flame on it.

That or a warforged.

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DnD loli edition?

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bump by Papel decree

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