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My character was beaten into unconsciousness and then violently raped by another PC while the rest of the party watched.

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One of mine is tall women, so I made this.

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Do share your wisdom so we may all know.

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>Tfw you'll never find a woman to bang ten + times in one night.

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Great, I'm aroused, thanks.

Am I the only one who wants to see a "failed" horned one, a horned one that repulses people even they are the perfect looking.

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>All of these people being politically correct

Grow some balls and don't pull your punches. They lost to slavers.

They wake up in chains, because they have to be. They get evaluated by someone with a clip board who looks at them like a bag of goods.

They don't want anything that could be ERP shit? okay.

Give them all to mages that plan on sacrificing them.

Sell them to a gladiator arena

And you can in fact sell the "Pretty elf girls" to perverts. The trick is that you just give them opportunities to put a knife in their back.

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grimdark man, grimdark

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>play online DH campaign for over a year
>no ERP
>players come and go during that time except me and another player plus the GM
>game runs into the sand
>a month or two passes
>hear from the player that she is in another game with the GM
>we talk about the game and if I want to join
>try it out
>a few RL weeks passes
>talk with the player some more
>she said her character pulled a few strings with the mob and had a female teacher kidnapped and forced into prostitution for an imagined slight
>surprises the hell out of me
>jokingly tell the player she is twisted
>talk some more about it over the weeks
>she confess being tricked or forced into prostitution is one of her biggest kinks
>suddenly I'm made aware of ERP's existance
>this happened a year ago
>found out about the Rabbit Hole, much later f-list
>ERP like a machine for three months
>spent almost every free, waking hour ERPing
>was not uncommon I did two 1o1 RPs at the same time
>once did three at the same time
>done most things except male gay, vore, hardcore guro and scat
>done impalement, prostitution, beastiality, pedoshit, watersports, gratiutious amounts of groupsex and anal, mother/daughter father/daughter sister/sister incest, scifi modern and fantasy settings, aliens and beastmen, two instances of mortal male on fertility goddess, really filthy and dirty fucks, forced/tricked/coercion, slavery and so on
>had a few bad RP partners but mostly only had good experiences
>count two RP partners as friends
>got a bit burnt out after that initial frenzy
>now only do RPs one or two times a week
>went from shocked of vanilla ERP ideas to a state were nothing shocks me anymore (as long as it is just fantasizes)

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I do try my best.

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>it begins again
Honestly, will Russia's murderboner ever be sated?
The answer is no.

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>Gubbins and Time
A mild sense of impending doom, given what could happen when, in any given quest, you give /tg/ even limited access to time abuse shenanigans.

>Demigodman and Squiggles
The best answer I can give is "if need be."

I intended Ruoumoko to be an offshoot of Gubbins' skillset- like if/when the quest swaps to his POV for an event, [X] Summon Ruoumoko would be a choice- so he'll be around in a minor support capacity.

Squiggles was also an NPC intended to be on the same level as Gubbins, except... well, Gubbins kind of became THE EVERYTHING MAGIC guy, and so far, that tends to be a lot more useful than beast-whispering. I'm not sure how useful he'll be in the future, so we'll definitely see.

>Neon Genesis Tengen Toppa Ogir Place Transformers XLR
That's the intention, anyway! It's too delightfully terrifying to let it sit in the back and do nothing.

>Has it all become a swirling blur of Ogres, whenever you even think about this Civ Quest?

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Oh we'll see them again way before then. Remember, thanks to the links, they all have a GPS locator that'll lead them right fucking to us. You'd be mad to think they aren't going to make use of that.

Yes, the loop endings, where we die horribly as Mommy watches on and hits the reset button again...

It's like she's Homura and we're Madoka. Hell we even get to witch out more than a few times thanks to Angry Manjew!

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>Lunch reassuring them

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>not tears and the dried semen of other races
Its like you've never even met an elf.

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/tg/ is all about elfrape.

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And that gentlemen, is about the only warning you'll get from a good yandere. Like the little story OP told us. I bet she was sweet and kind, thought he was a lucky man to be chosen by her...Then they get into the bedroom and boom, he realizes the exact reason you don't stick your dick in crazy.

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That is one vicious pingas.

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Rolled 17


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