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Is kill team worth playing? I like the idea of skirmish style games but 40K seems ill suited to do it

>brutal game of close combat
>Tau versus space marine

Well that sounds like a balance battle.

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Yeah but I don't think ONLY Space Elf Bondage bikers will cut it for me or my friends. Do they offer expansion packs?

New factions when?

I was considering buying kill team and trying to hard adapt the rules to be single player -- like add an AI deck for troop decision making, but have an underlying status check system that allows it to pilot itself off of a very rudimentary react/respond tree..

Besides, it is a lot easier to convince my weeb friend to like Tau and literally anyone can see the appeal in playing powerarmored holy men.

How do they handle the single player elements of games like Space Hulk or that other one about the emperor's finest ass-ass-ins?

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