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The Emprah has spent 99% of human history doing fuck-all and then when he finally decides to get off his ass and do something he completely fucks it up.

His greatest contribution to humanity is being a lighthouse and serving as a figure of worship against his own wishes.

This is the best of the human species?

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Hmmm...You seem competent enough, can you keep a eye on gulliman... I feel like his planning something..

Also, can any one reach Magnus, I can't seem to get him to log on to skype..

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>Is Erebus the biggest asshole in the galaxy?
No, pic related is.

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You guys will get a kick out of this.

The Emperor posed as various figures throughout history, thus it makes perfect sense that he would pose as the first known king.

We do know of a king from Sumeria from 2800BC. This wasn't far from Anatolia. Some legends (obviously created much later) link this man with the biblical Adam; particularly appropriate for The Emperor to link himself with such a legend.

His name?


Another solid candidate is Sargon of Anatolia, but he came in 2500BC, much later than Alulim. Also Sargon was part of a long family line, meaning that if he was the Emperor it was the Emperor posing as someone else. Hence how unlikely it would be for him to use his own name.

Of course Alulim isn't in Anatolia, so it probably isn't his real name either. It just gives me the giggles that the xeno-hating Emperor might have been named after Aliums.

Archaeologists speculate that the first inhabinting populations of the Emperor's land were the Hattians and Hurrians. The Hattians definitely predated the Hurrians by a good bit, though.

Since the Emperor both loves hats and Hate, I will speculate he's at least part Hatian. But because he tends to Hurr and Durr a lot as a father and with religion, I'm going to speculate he's a Hatian/Hurrian crossbreed. Joking aside though - he's definitely a Hatian.

The Hatians represented their primary god, the stormgod (probably the Emperor) with the symbols "dU". That could be his original name. As could (not making this up) "dIM", the name of the water god.

Hattian kings included Nurdaggal and Pamba, though Sargon and his sons fought them. It would be like the Emperor to fight family to carry out a long term goal.

It's speculated that the Hattians were later absorbed into the Hittites. There's an appropriate god in their mythology the Emperor matches up to perfectly. He was a Hattian god of storms called "The Conquerer" and going by "Teshub".

So his earliest name we know would be Teshub The Conquerer.

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>help me emperor
>implying he would help you

Pretty sure he'd say your conviction was just being tested, Anon.

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Like this?

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"The Emperor" is an imagined figure.

Basically I want you to imagine that 10,000 wizards were sitting alone in a dark cave. They have a problem. For the last few thousand years, they'd ruled humanity's early tribes, or advised their rulers, explored the Spirit World, and in general had a ball. If they died, they just respawned in a baby body a few months later, and they'd remember everything a few years down the road. No big.

Now imagine that at some point they lost that power. Demons started appearing in the Spirit World and devouring them in-transit. SO they needed to do something. They knew if they let things go on as they were eventually they would all get eaten and Mankind would lose its psychic guardians. So, they did what any smart group would do. They super-gattai'd, killing themselves in a mass suicide and reincarnating as a single immortal being.

This being had both his own consciousness, as well as the consciousness of the ten thousand plus Wizards, plus the consciousness of every single one of their prior incarnations. Like the Avatar or something.

So for any given decision, its entirely possible that the various "Minds" of the Super Being could disagree. God spoke to God and they struggled for a consensus, but for a while, they usually just tried philosophy, only occasionally becoming a warrior.

When civilization collapsed, God was asleep, healing himself on Mars after a battle with the Void Dragon. When he saw what had happened to the Star Trek Federation, he freaked. He got the next flight to Earth, and decided to invent a new persona. A personality that could save Mankind.

None of his Minds could do it alone, and this kind of situation couldn't afford the kind of deliberation He was used to. So he created the Emperor. A personality through which He could be everything Mankind needed or ever wanted. The ultimate Messiah-figure.

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Half-Giants>Aasimar>Humans>Orcs>Elves>Dwarves>Almost Everything Else>3e Kobolds>Goblins>Gnolls>AD&D Kobolds> Any of those weeaboo races from Eberron>Kender

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Sup /tg/. I'm going to be playing a weird high fantasy homebrew game in the future, and I've learned that through the rules, I could technically play as a god. Now in gameplay terms all it would mean is that I have my own demiplane, and if I'm slain I respawn there [with lost experience and powers], and of course that I'm immortal and immune to poison/disease. My only thoughts are this. What should I be the god of? The portfolio has to be small, or else it will be ridiculous [plus I won't have enough points at character creation to generate it]. So I'm thinking of being either a local hearth-god, a demigod seeking true divinity [possibly acting like Sotha Sil], a weary member of some Celestial Bureaucracy, or the god of something silly like Ants. Make my demiplane a one mile wide anthill, be as small as a real ant, have Speak to Ants, and go around ordering the ten million million million Hills of My People.

And how does one roleplay a god, without being a total dick or holier then thou faggot?

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The emperor wills it

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Someone suggested an alternate 40k timeline a while back, about what the setting'd be like if Emps had listened to Magnus and busted a corrupted Horus before he could launch his Heresy, forcing the Chaos Gods to find a new champion. Then /tg/ came up with the following:
>Emperor heeds Magnus' warning
>They kill Horus, but Emperor is too stupid to tell any other Primarch why
>Sanguinius appointed new Warmaster
>Sanguinius and Guilliman are convinced that the Emperor has turned on them, their doubt nurtured by the corrupting influence of the Chaos Gods
>They enact Guilliman's plan for the Imperium Secundus, with Sanguinius as its emperor and the new champion of the Dark Gods
>Fulgrim is already too corrupted to have a place in the Imperium, and wants nothing to do with Sanguinius' and Roboute's new empire; so, Fulgrim establishes his own Slaaneshi empire based on Chemos
>The Imperium falls apart into smaller realms as Primarchs are split into Loyalists, Traitors, and Renegades
>Emps marshals Terra's forces to rendezvous with Magnus at Prospero, and from there they will continue to Chemos while the Khan keeps Ultramar's forces occupied

Can you help me out here? How to expand on this? Bonus points if you can get some xenos in there.

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so spake the Emperor, "I am Large."

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I see... have an Emprah pic

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What are they talking about? What does His voice sound like?

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And that seems to be it for my Dornian Heresy pics.

This one is for you.

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Peace of mind, understanding, human solidarity, freedom from illusion.

And lots and lots of happysex.

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I think so to.

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I dunno, man. I'm getting definite vibes he wants to give her the dick.

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By the Throne man, that image is fucked up.

It looks too........real. I need a happy image.

Here's the Emperor, just a chillin.

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Think of it in a more possible light /TG. At least 25% of /mlp is loyal to the Emperor.

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Sup /tg. Does anyone have any stories or art like this one? Of the Emperor when he's not being "THE EMPEROR?"

Stories of him before he became Emperor, or what he did on his days off? Kind of like Last Church?

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