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So on a scale of 10 to Beast, how fun is Werewolf the Forsaken? I've heard good things about it splat-wise. The one thing everyone complains about are all the made up words for everything.

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Why are people arguing about the fine details of a basic rebrand? nWoD = CoD.

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>So, why does this setting suck so much?
You explained why.
>minotaurs, rabbitfolk, spider, kappa
obvious furfag.
le ebin lovecraf xDDD

I can't believe a thread died for this bullshit. Why do you even live?

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god-killing is pretty low on my priority list to be honest.

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Not yet, I know you said Monday initially but it's not arrived to me or my neighbours or missed deliveries (that I know of) there's still Saturday...

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>tfw time for secret santa
>mind goes blank on what to get

I'm posting this weekend lads... not sure what do

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Because who'd fuck that?

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It's muscle. The first fetish that popped up was muscle.

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>6' to synapse taking up a slot
Please don't let this be true.

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>oh look it's an obligatory owlbear post*

The absolute madman actually did it!

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>mfw while I was in the army 6 hours was the usual from pretty much everyone I knew, and the first sarge somehow had perfected four hours while having tons of energy

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>am >>48380153
>come back before going to bed to see the thread updates

>fucktons of fighting over something that wasn't that big of a deal to me

well I'm sorry guys. I guess I ruined the thread.

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>first time running a game
>I'm not a very assertive person
>during char gen good friend of mine invites some guy he sort of knows to game
>very nice, very enthusiastic to play, but does NOT wear deoderant at all
>have 2 girls in group
>the smell is overbearing
>he leaves, ask friend about it "yeah that's just him he smells."

I can't tolerate it, I'm sorry. What do I do? Do I pull him aside and go "Sorry but I can't have you playing with us if you don't wear deo?" Or should I just outright kick him? I guess I should have expected this...4 hours in a room with this guy is just too much.

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You DO realize the books/rules/words are just guidelines right?

The only person who is going to tell you that you're playing D&D "wrong" is always going to be an asshole. So quit worrying about it and just play with what you know.

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New DM here, and was watching webDM, specifically this part https://youtu.be/uV4oPPfOp3Q?t=2m4s

and they are saying 5e means strong players and not so great monsters, so the tip the DM gives in the video is essentially "horde the players."

Is this what /tg/ is doing to challenge their players for 5e? Just "add more monsters to the encounter?"

Idk it just sounds shitty to me. Or are these guys idiots and there's something we're all missing here?

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I understand the nerd rage now, but I don't see it as viable when all you have is 3.5 tunnel vision.

In the end it's the GM that makes the game difficult, not the rulebook. If Orcus isn't tough enough, pull a Tucker's Kobolds or something.

I guess I'll never understand players who want their GM to be a computer/simulator/rogue-like generator. I feel like people who want that would love 4e better. Or better yet, 6e:


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...yeah, alright then...

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It gets mad?

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Well, from the HFY threads, I would say we can fuck anything, persistent predators, smart, numerous, ever improving (stealing tech, magic, whatnot) and organized. Except, you know, when we're not.

....Kinda want to make an orc campaign now, where you fight ONLY orcs, but they are all using different tactics and strategies, from being stupid mooks to a single, solitary, terrifying hunter type and so on.

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I feel like a lot of this trade stuff would gain to be automated.
Which means it has been already, right?

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how can I be a pro and make up shit on the fly

like sensory details, get them really involved instead of being a nervous wreck who's afraid of silence?

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>Once made a black barbarian who loved to murder.
>End of session the DM pulled me aside and said he was concerned about "my character" and suggested I "alter his origin a bit."
>Motherfucker was trying to say he didn't feel comfortable with a black man being a killer and enjoying it

I told him to fuck off and kept playing character as normal.

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Worse than that, your dragon parent is going to be in the same age catagory throughout your entire lifespan even if your half dragon.

Which means you could have a sexualy active and moody teenage dragon as a parent for your ENTIRE FUCKING LIFE.

Show me a human brought up in a society even slightly related to our own not finding that situation cataclysmically embarrassing, and I'll show you a damn liar.

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Good thing he can take a two point solo that totally negates this problem. Do you even Taryn di la Rovissi anon?

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