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> Mark, the Tha/tg/uy. The guy who used to host our sessions, and our Warhammer games (both 40K and FB). The guy who brought collective munchies. The guy who always loved my game and setting, was eager to play and continue the story.

> Regardless of these redeeming qualities, he succeeds at being the epitome of a tha/tg/uy, one thing he has succeeded better at than anything else. His qualities include, but are not limited to:

> Large size, accompanied by poor hygiene and BO.
> In his 30's and still lives at parents' place, never been in a relationship. Can't interact normally with the group's girls, super awkward pervy jokes and ideas during the game.
> Whiteknight and SJW, unless we're talking religions, which brings us to...
> ...fedora-tipping level atheism.
> Is a brony, awkward attempts at spreading "the magic of friendship", while the secondary GM's gf is the only other group member watching the show.
> A really poor roleplayer, losing interest in the game almost as soon as anything directly involving his character was over, which he just waved anyway out of combat
> Spent time watching anime/videos on his phone, or designing his own wargame, his own totally not-WHFB. (God forgive, he's now considering making his own RPG based on his not-WHFB world too, and wants to GM D&D.)
> Generally talking off-topic and not paying attention while other's were roleplaying, once even going to sleep on a mattress in the middle of combat - and his turn was coming right up.
> Brings up politics and religion often during conversations, causing unneeded discomfort and shame with his ignorant and outright stupid arguments.
> All character-ideas are poor attempts at being "cool" and "original", most often not even fitting the setting I've provided him info about. The worst one probably was something along the following lines "the sole survivor of an alien race that crash-landed on Earth, that looks like a bright-colored pony that talks and walks on two legs..."


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