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We have a Kickboxer jump? If true, that's fucking awesome!

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>tie the cloth to the pipe with metal wire
>jam it into gas tank
>use a piece of paper and car cig lighter to light the torch
>hold the torch out the window and slowly drive into park
>find two vampires
>run over one; leave car on top of him as I jump out and threaten the other
>he runs away (vampires are fucking terrified of fire because it messes them up)
>get back into car and follow him (backing over the vamp under my car before running over him again), holding my torch out the window and not caring about putting it out
>find the others and my coworker, who is being held hostage
>re-light the fucking torch
>jump out and threaten the vampires with something like "Release the girl, you bloodsucking bastards, or I'll light you like fucking cigarettes!"
>my Summer Mantle, which I'm pretty sure vampires can at least somewhat sense due to being magical, is raging like the fucking Sun itself because of how hard I am channeling the spirit of the Court
>set ground next to me on fire (it's Autumn and fallen leaves are dry)
>they shit their pants and run
>bring her to my apartment to explain this to the rest of our crew and await next session

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This is how I muscle bard.

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We're gonna ignore you now. Enjoy this over-posted gif in the meantime.

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>“Does he get a montage with shitty 80s music?”
>The legless one shrugs. “Why the hell not?”

The stage is set for the final boss battle against Emi. Suddenly, this comes pouring out of the PA system in a cacophonous crescendo, preceding the clashes of combat.


To paraphrase Kung Pow: "Beware her songs from 80s movies. She beats you up while she plays them…"

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If i hear this alpha male beta male pseudo psychology bullshit one more time I'm going to shit my pants with rage and then hurl it about like a monkey.


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