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Lots of info to dissect...

This is the "Victim"

The Culprit

Secondary opinions


(Had to take our the URLs because it said it looked like spam, just search their handles for their twitters.

I recommend checking out their latest tweets, my understanding is that Unsleeved Media is being accused of sending his fanboys online to target a cosplay. He defends himself saying he made one video a few months ago criticizing her, maybe calling her ugly, idk. She, the cosplay, has said it has been an ongoing stuggle throughout the year and is retiring from doing magic cosplay (all cosplay?).

My view is that when you put yourself in costumes online, you are fair game as far as comments. If Unsleeved is doing a ongoing/relentless online assault on her then he is in the fault.

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Cosplayer quits because of insults

youtuber Tolarian Community College says he has been bullied for a year

Magic The gathering important community members are being harassed or quiting. What is the Cause? Whats going on? This is currently the talk of entire community. Is MTG a good environment or is it toxic to players?

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