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I suddenly realize what this means for me. A noise like that would alert the entire tomb. Canoptek defense systems would all come online, army and attack protocols would all activate early, and basically it was the scream that woke up the entire tomb. More sources of green light start to activate around the players and the stasis tubes in the room they are still standing in start coming online. They don’t even give me time to finish describing what’s happening when they say they book it. They start running through the labyrinthine alley-ways, they see wraiths and scarabs filling the upper parts of the cave flying around as they run in terror. They can see the stairs to the bridge they crossed to enter the city and are ready to bolt for it when they realize the last road they have to cross is a main avenue and far off down the road they see all manner of mechanical evil marching down the avenue as one giant army of pant-shitting inducing horror. They decide moving quickly is their best option and just run across. A destroyer swoops up from the crowd down the road and starts heading after them. As they start crossing the bridge a lone warrior they had passed up earlier steps out to block their exit. They fire some panicked running shots at it, not wanting to slow down for anything and miss horribly. Joe drops a demo charge on the bridge, hoping that by blowing it they cans low down the army that is likely pursuing them. The just run past the Necron warrior, Billy taking some harsh damage from it as they run by and head through the exit. Joe drops another demo charge by the exit and just as the Destroyer shows up and starts shooting Joe hits the detonator and blows both charges. They all just sprint through the cavern hoping to reach the safety of daylight.

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Do they only work for other necrons? Or would they take a contract from another race?

Never really payed much attention to the necrons, as I've mostly been running low scale Rogue Trader or Dark heresy. Never played the miniature game (as my money only stretched so far, and I enjoy my WH fantasy too much to give it up).

But if they're available for hire by other than necrons, that would change things and they might make an appearance in my game.

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So I want to start up a Necron army. Would it be wise to buy the battleforce or should I just buy a few parts separate til I get an army built up. About how much would I have to spend to get a 1000ish point army

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Okay I'll see what I see in order.

>Destroyer Lord
Okay, just pointing out that Warscythe is your best choice if you are going to fight with your Destroyer Lord, but if you are going to make it look like a spider and stick it with your Scarabs, more power to you.
Tachyon Arrow is decent for first blood if your enemy plays any flavor of metal boxes, boats or trucks.
Consider giving him Sempiternal Weave, quite cheap for 2+ armor save.

>Royal Court Lord
You cannot have a Royal Court with a Destroyer Lord, so either upgrade your court lord to an Overlord, or change your Destroyer Lord into an Overlord and put him in a barge for yay happy times. Otherwise pretty standard kit, nothing wrong here.
I prefer my warriors in blobs aswell, but considering you only have 2 troops as it is, consider splitting them in half if you decide to drop the court lord.

Quite a small amount of them, since in my opinion Immortals only shine when they have tesla carbines and there are ten of them.
I'd likely drop them completely, but that's just me preferring warriors for troops.
Same problem as your Immortals, there just isn't enought of them, unless of course you'd like to drop your immortals for a cryptek with all the tools from Harbinger of Despair, giving them that delicious LD template weapon, morale fuckery and the deep strike stick.

Love them, hope you love them too.

>Doomsday Ark
Now in my opinion, this thing sucks.
I'd Drop it, and since you have the model I'd play it as a Ghost Ark, with my warriors split either 15-5 or 10-10, always having the smaller group inside the ark.

The Destroyer Lord truly shines when he accompanies either Deathmarks or Wraiths, as he gives them his Preferred Enemy(Everything!), letting them reroll any 1s rolled to hit or to wound.
Also, Annihilation Barge is better for Tesla buggery than Immortals, and in my opinion a better Heavy Support Choice when compared to the Doomsday Ark.

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I'm not familiar with your specie's social nuances, but if I take all your lovely, silky skins, would that help?

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Does flaying count as "accept" or "reject"?

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Fucking pariahs, how do they work?

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What if it had two personalities fighting for control?

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Flee..... Retreat..... Regroup..... - JOKES ON YOU KHARN



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Sure i can, but i feel cold right now.
Do you have anything to keep me warm?

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Do necrons have their own written language?

Does anyone in 40k have their own language they speak exclusively?

I would love to see necron runes if you have them!
-New to 40k

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Well, you are pretty sure you never met guy before, assuming it is a guy. He's clearly a mutant, he has three black asymmetrical eyes on the left side of his face. You also dented his head deep enough to see a bit of gray matter.

You search him for all hes worth. You take his club and pocket two thrones you found in his pockets. Other then that, this mutant just has the soiled rags hes wearing.

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zero, for i do not speak your language.

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