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Rolled 15

The two young'uns have grown exponentially in the wake of a string of successful fishing trips and now spend most of their time outside their mothers' pouches.

Vaakfa, so named for his undeniable natural strength, is already a head taller than his sister and surprisingly proficient with a Haabhahohghar. Pokfa, the female, seems to spend most of her time drawing idly in the sand - the elders say her arms are frail, but her mind is strong.

Meanwhile, the rest of the village is ticking over well. The recent discovery and absorption of Ah-whey in the South has greatly improved their intake of whey-ong, and even the occasional ah-whey-ong (Unu prefix removed, as they are now aware of River Hoppas) - which are now considered a fanciable meat saved for times of celebration.

Recently, Pokfa had been stacking sha and fhuf-ghar branches according to size; such odd behaviour for a child. Vaakfa was having none of it and took his Haabhahohghar to the biggest of the sha and laughed boisterously. His laughs did not last long, however, as the both of them turned sharply to fear and confusion. Striking the sha had caused a nearby fhuf-ghar branch to erupt in heat and light, sending the kids screaming to their parents about the Unu-unu (unknown thing).

Rolling to discover fire (We're not all in the copper age yet!)

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