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>AP1 attacks 2+save

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what happens if the one of the left pedals faster than the right one, and why is the guy of the middle wearing his own metal pants as a hat?

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OP is a great example of the wrong way to draw Termie Armour.

Pic is a great example of the Right way to draw it.

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So tg, I'm painting up some space wolves and have absolutely no idea how to decently do all the hair (fucking flowing locks of fenris), preferably in a ruddy red and the boatloads of wolf pelts that seem to be on everything. Anyone got any tips to share?

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So, uh, there are a bunch of guys who've never played Dark Heresy?

I'm a GM, bored and pumped with coffee.

If you guys've got time right about NOW, i could run a scenario, helpin' some newbies get a bit of experience

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I cant even see why ultrasmurfs fanboys would get so pissed over it, it's just arrogant on their part.

Way worse shit happened to other primarchs than being told to come back during buisness-hours by a pair of security guards.

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I really really wanted to give a player in the Deathwatch group an opportunity to use the terminator armour, but the opportunity never presented itself D:

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This is why I like pic related... it's one of the few pictures of terminators armour that doesnt look like the shoulders are somewhere above the ears

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Legion? Don't tell me you're belonging to the enemies of the corpse god!

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You know what I don't get? Why Russ is supposedly hiding his true brilliance behind his barbaric exterior. What brilliance? The brilliance that led him to attack Prospero with his Legion, a smattering of Custodes, barely any Sisters of Silence (you know, the WALKING PSYCHIC COUNTERS?) and absolutely no other support, thereby losing about two-thirds of his forces in a TOTAL SURPRISE ATTACK? That brilliance? Christ, MAGNUS contributed more to Russ' win than Russ himself, and even then, with Magnus ordering his fleets away from Prospero and blocking the Thousand Sons' visions of the future to ensure total surprise, Russ managed to botch things up so badly he walked away with most of his Legion dead.

Hell, even with all the things Magnus did to ensure Russ'd win cleanly, if it hadn't been for the Sons' powers backfiring on them at exactly the right moment, they'd have WON ANYWAY. Where's the tactical genius in this moron, exactly?

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Theoretically. You'd need a teleport beacon already in place, or an Icon of Chaos, to ensure you didn't get beamed into a wall or several hundred meters into the empty air where a Titan might have been two steps ago but isn't now.

Me, if I want going to have to do that, I'd go drop pod and hope the crenellation turrets and flak guns don't blow me out of the sky on descent before I touchdown in the courtyard of the upper castle and commence to slaughtering Skitarii and Tech Guard.

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GENTLEMENT, i need reference pictures of terminators, all kinds of terminators, Chaplains, Librarians, Chaos, Loyalists, etc. All kinds of reference, fan art, 3d models, miniatures, official art everything! I shall also dump all the pictures i have of Terminators.

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This is me giving a fuck

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I hope they nerf Assault Terminators
God damn.

If you're playing Apothecary or Techmarine, you damn sure better end that game quick, because if an enemy Force Commander manages to deep strike Assault Terminators with lightning claws, it's game over for you.

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Say your prayers Xeno scum! For the Emperor's Skype!

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Meh yourself.

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>Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer had a chainsword.

>He had one back in 1979, long before 40K. He was also extremely fashion-forward, adopting 40K tropes long before 40K.

>Despite being considered the second-greatest enemy the Daleks ever faced, he still died in combat against them.

>Advantage: Daleks.

Advantage: 40k you fuck, if a single man with a chainsword was the second most dangerous enemy of the Daleks, well big surprise, every fucking IG sargeant has a chainsword or a better weapon, let alone Space Marines who are power armored motherfuckers with chainswords.

And that's just the imperium.

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No... it already climbed the ladder...and is about to tarzan-swing into the hive....

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boy you came to the right board

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