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This animal is responsible for killing more humans than any other animal species on the planet.

(not counting ones that kill us indirectly by making us sick, like mosquitoes and shit)

...not the lions.

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I dunno, Cypher System maybe? Try glancing at the rules for The Strange?

>Capable of adapting to a fantasy setting
Check, it's very easy to adapt a setting too.

>Game should be about exploring the world and about characters doing what makes sense, not about doing what makes a good story
This one makes no sense without elaboration, but Cypher System is primarily about exploring the world which is what reminded me of it.

>Options for non-combat focused characters
Check, the system is primarily about exploration and discovery.

>Characters are fairly mundane/realistic in terms of power level.
In the system, characters have to actually exhaust themselves to use any of their powers, I wouldn't say it's mundane though, just low powered.

>Potentially lethal combat
Uhh, this is probably any system you can name.
So.. yes, players have a ton of durability to make choices about running, but can be killed.

>Not too high-magic.
This is a setting thing, not a rules system.

>“rules medium”
Yeah, it.. roughly approximates your definitions of medium.

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You must be a saint with empathy like that.

although that does raise a question in the twisted reaches of my mind.

Is there a good direction to fuck? to fuck up is bad, and most people don't want to fuck off.

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This is how i fighter
if i am going to be a meat shield i will be both meaty and shieldy

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I choose a thousand hippos.

Your move, motherfucker.

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You could bring a New Guinan to tears with that image.

Holy jesus. I want one and I want a saddle big enough for it.

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I really dont want to have to do it. I dont want to ruin the magic, anon. It's like that documentary that claims that Atheists are all fake and support satan.

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