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I may not play much 40k at all these days, but I'm certainly glad I did right as my LGS was purging pewter boxes in preparation for Failcast.

>10+ pewter models of every aspect besides Dark Reapers, 3/4ths of which were tourney prizes
>nearly everything else purchased 50% off as clearance

Finding pewter Dark Reapers is a real bitch, though.

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I gotta roll Eldar man.

>Craftworlds are comfy tier
>Women are god tier beautiful
>Enjoy the finer things in life
>Be heroic aspect warrior and sweep maiden world girls off their feet

Aside from all the horrific war there is alot of nice times to be had as an Eldar. Path novels has them chilling in bars and attending art shows.

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Oh hey Carnac.

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Well sheeit, I was sure Orks had one or two.

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I don't think an ex-aspect warrior would jump back into their Aspect Temple during wartime.

From what I remember of the PotE books walking the Warrior Path is, ironically, anger therapy; a Craftworlder is consumed by anxiety as the result of some violent anger (in PotW, the protagonist goes nuts when his lady friend doesn't want to maek baby and describes an overwhelming need to "hide" from his anger, hence becoming a Striking Scorpion), and in order to come to terms with it they express controlled violence through a combination of ritualized martial art and entrained dissociation of actions committed under the influence of their "war mask".

Either they get their negative emotions out naturally, or they do something so excessively violent that their horror puts their shit in perspective and drives them back onto the non-killy paths.
Those who are unable to get over their issues take the only alternative: going full Exarch.

An Eldar individual who has been through an aspect path and stepped off of it again would probably be actively harmed by forcing themselves back into an aggressive mindset. Putting their current path to its optimal use (singing vehicles and wargear together, healing casualites, etc.) or otherwise suiting up as a Guardian/non-Aspect combatant would make more sense.

Though Warlocks are an interesting exception to avoiding the war mask while off Khaine's Path.

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That's it. I'm tired of this.

We were - still are - the galaxy's most advanced, civilised civilisation. Now, I'm sure you Mon'Keigh don't understand, but after you've brought every last corner of the galaxy under your rule, achieved every last imaginable glory, what do you do?

You turn to yourself. So yes, our ancestors DID take it a bit too far, but so would have YOU if you knew what it is to feel like we do. (or feel as bored)

Alas, we brought She Who Thirsts into life and doomed the vast majority of our gods. It's like you say, people make mistakes! Let's just forget, right?


But when your corpse of a seer (who you worship as a god, ha!) makes a horrific mistake, empowering the Gods of Chaos and granting them more powerful mortal champions than ever before, and entire legions to serve them, THEN you use the excuse of "we all make mistakes"

Getting tired of your shit, Mon'Keigh.

Getting real tired of your shit.

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So...it's an unholy combination of Seikon No Qwasar, Bastard!, and Date A Live?

This will either be incredibly interesting, or horrific.

Either way, it'll be a treat to watch unfold.

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>A band of primitive human peasants destroyed an eldar falcon by tossing ROCKS into the air intakes.


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Nothing. You play Eldar making you a man of taste.

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all of this

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What kinda science? I don't think you can out technology the strength of the Chaos Gods. Unless they have some reality warping tech they're kinda excel at nothing.

Also, I'd argue Eldar webway tech is way better.

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>Im just fkn happy runes of warding are changed.

Let me guess, Blood angel or GK player.
Or playing with those piss anoying monkeys that bring a farseer just because. a simple fix would be either make it a primary detachment thing, or change it to "successful psychic tests must be rerolled", 70% of the time it would mean fuck all because EVERYTHING has leadership 10 in 40k, but nooooo GW keep trying to sell us DtW no matter how shitty it is.

over all I like what I'm seeing, most of the army can now be used without a forced core of dragons/seers every time.
Banshees got worse, somehow, I'm still not sure how they managed it.
Farseers took a hard hit from being ML3 and having to random roll, with half of the runes of fate being fairly shitty.
Warlocks on the other hand are great, bring enough of them for lock out varios powers and giggle like a school girl.

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Rangers up in this bitch!

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Hopefully the rules, costs and fixes will be alright.

But I had, perhaps naïvely so, that we would get a Dark Eldar style total make over.

Don't get me wrong, the old Eldar models are beautiful, when concidering how old they are, but compared with recent releases? Good god, Wrap Spiders are 17+ years old if I remember right, and I'm not even going to mention how horrid the jetbikes are.
their "Plastic so we don't update" idea is making me sad every time I hear a redshirt say it.

On that note, they are hellishly optimistic if they hope to sell the sinfully (apart from the exarch) cartoony Dire Avengers for dobble the money with the same figures, when any Eldar player worth their Soulstones will just buy the dark Eldar warrior kit and convert.

Also, I've seen a few ask about it, but I'm going to do it again just because I care about them.

Any news on:
Wraith Lords.
Warlocks with bikes.

fingers crossed.

Also as someone asked above, why didn't they just fucking use that one bike that they then make the Dark Eldar bikes over, remove a few of the spikes they had added and sell them.
I'm speachless.

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I'm a Eldar player and I can't put my finger on it, but I'm honest to god disapointed by that model.

I think it's because it's just too buff.
Look at the rest of the Wraiths or FW titans, lilth, slender and nimble.
This just look like the Wraith Leo.
Also, whats that about a pilot? Seriously? The titans I can excuse but this is just.. Meh..

Also, Way too combat pose-ish, hell too Tau-ish.

And finally, the back fins are waaay too small for the Eldar's style.

Thats my two cents anyway.

Apart from the sword, I'm not impressed.

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You are edgy as all fuck.

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Then do it Imperium. Oh wait, you can't, because you're already overstretched on every front barely able to deal with Chaos and Nids. It would only take one badly timed strike from a craftworld, hivefleet, black crusade, waagh to gut the imperium from their core, because they're the only faction stupid enough to place all it's eggs in one basket.

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Completely ignorant of Kelly's stuff here. What makes him the right man for the job aside from liking him some space elves? All I know is he did a controversial CSM codex.

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Ok guys, imagine this..

All the Exarchs get one new additional power. The catch? They can only choose two out of the three (Phoenix Lords get all of them but).

What new funky powers would you give each aspect to change their game? Because you can be damned sure they won't be getting new equipment options.

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>Search the City CAN do something.

I defy you to find a practical use. I will wait. The guys at school are anxious to hear it.

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Vect is a genius, with a mind more labyrinthine than any Necron.

Imoutekh is foiled by Orkz, and seizes on a 4+. Vect will always seize on a 4+. Dark Eldar tactics and strategy is superior.

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This doesn't change the fact that Phil Kelly has written mediocre codices.

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>The Imperiual Guard, Chaos, Tau, Orkz, etc, all want to slaughter their foes.

>The Eldar want to do it without losing a single life.

Requesting that meltagun story of the eldar.

Also Tau don't try to waste their lives. They are more willing to spend them than the eldar would.

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