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>Trying to get a backstory out of someone is sometimes like trying to get blood from a stone
This. I love DM'ing and there's so many people who view DnD as a videogame.
I'm not going criticize how people play DnD-- there's no "correct" way of playing it as long as you have fun-- but I'm going to get pissed when they actively reject my help to create a backstory, and then complain to me later that they feel like they're playing a caricature or something.

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This basically.
It gave me a lot of good ideas that I can use, and taught me how I shouldn't use them.

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Just sayan - this is so far one of the most interesting threads of /tg/ right now, and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Maybe 'cause I'm writting my first system ever, and that I'm really interested in seeing different takes on what improvising as a GM means for different people.

GeeGee, /tg/. Keep up the Lord's work.

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Tes 5: Skyrim 2 The Skyriming: Atmora 2: Revenge of Alduin - Lyg Part 1: Fist of the Nord Star - Chapter 2 of the Ringz Fargoth SaGa.

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I completely stopped following Prequel after Kvatch where it became stupidly obvious how the GM had absolutely zero intentions of letting the players have any form of initiative or control over their own destiny. You're basically just following shitty fanfiction/the worst quest thread in the world at that point.
Don't really know where the thing has gone since then but I don't really care and I have no reason to think that its gotten any better.

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What the hell were they thinking when they printed Reflect/Refrain? All I want to do is use a fun ruler but every other ruler is so much worse than the wonder twins it isn't even funny.

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>hair is grey at the tip and not the root

how does that happen

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>players using PvP to push other people around


This, also. Especially combined with the above.

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Hey, buddy, could you start your race war somewhere else? I'm going to have enough trouble spinning how much shit I talk about Europe as it is.

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From my perspective of a person who does not play 3.x and who do not play 4e (though I've tried both and discontinued them at my table), I have to say that a bit problem with the 4e game mechanics are that they try to tell you too much how to play the game.

>Pick between these attacks!
>Use your special attacks now!
>Spend your resources here!
>Do this to win!

This I think is a direct criticism to the system mechanics. I guess it's basically a variation of "the system is too gamist" complaint ("hurr durr it's WoW"). Not only are players locked inside the system for any real creative input, furthermore, since you only get to select a handful of abilities (and you even have to forget your old ones if I remember correctly!) the player has to intentionally remove a lot of fun options from play.

For immersion and fun the system would have been better served by a more robust generic choice of options in my opinion that was always accessible, at least for the martials though it would be only fair that spellcasters would have a more versatile toolbox as well I guess.

Furthermore, the special abilities ties up the fluff to much. Sometimes the abilities are just too plain abstract and it will weird a lot of people out, like the fighter's marking ability. Dedicated 4e players always try to defend this by trying to explain with "how you are supposed to think about it" in extremely abstract and fluffy terms, but that's pure bollocks really.

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You know. The funny thing is that politics, management and scholarship are probably the most likely domains for Alfiqs to end up in since they have the same level of intelligence as other Khajiit but lack the physical abilities to do any kind of manual tasks without using magic.

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No, it will not end. I started another one. Same link: http://flockmod.com/tg

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Don't die on me, thread. There's still requests to be fulfilled.

Nurse, we need a drawfag in here, stat!

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Not today, sadly. Dinner soon, and then errands.

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40k & MtG player here.

My Jimmies remain as calm and unrustled as a calm summer's eve.

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>I always keep trying to describe what's in my mind's eye, but I end up choking and fishing for the right words.
>I never really read the rules and often end up winging it.
>I don't encourage RP often enough.
>Sometimes I'm a dick and I make bad things happen to players when I think it's funny. Nothing permanent though, just things like "You rolled a critical failure on your intimidate and you end up intimidating a gumball machine.".
>The only successful campaign I've run was basically "Call of Cthulhu with furries"

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